“Welcome to the new age of

telescope technology”

Wanting to buy a new telescope? What kind should I get? Can I build my own? If you are considering the purchase of a new telescope, then you might be asking yourself these types of questions.

Investing your money in the best telescope that will ultimately allow you to have the best time in astronomy! Deciding on what’s the best to invest in will definitely be dependent on what you would wish to use it for.

Hiuni on Kickstarter

Here to help is a new smart interactive telescope that satisfies the requirements of both amateur stargazers and professional astronomers. Meet the Hiuni, a shiny new “smart telescope” that connects to an app to provide an interactive view of the starry canvas.

The inspiration for Hiuni was born when CEO Jack Chen unsatisfied with the natural science and education tools provided to his children by their school. Then, He and Andrew Wong, a fellow father and sky-admirer, decided they wanted to create a telescope that would offer impressive functionality. While being near-effortless to use by everyone, regardless of their age or level of experience. Hiuni’s name is derived from “hi” and “universe.”


1. It has an interactive app for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math learning. Also has the skill to capture and store videos, images, and audio-based learning lessons.

2. The main barrel optics features:

  • 12.8 Stellar Magnitude
  • 10 ratio
  • 1,524mm Focal Length
  • .27° View Angle
  • 1280mm Barrel
  • 152.4mm Aperturea
  • Cassegrain Design
  • This motorized telescope is controlled by 2 motors
  • You can control it with the use of its in-app joystick or GoTo auto-aligning feature.

3. Smart features: The Hiuni Smart Telescope has One-Touch Live View, Auto Electronic Focuser, Local Sky Map Database, Share View, Dual Live View, Deep Light Imaging (Image Stacking), good to See Guide, and Plate-solving.

4. There is also a connected app where you can connect to an existing access point. You can use this app if you wish to gain access at the 5,000+ objects when it comes to its Offline Sky Map Database.

5. The Sky Map includes real-time overlaid information about the celestial objects it’s found. In this mode users can choose to control the Hiuni telescope manually.  Through a virtual joystick in the app, or zoom in on a specific object, transferring to Space View.

How does it work?

  • After turned on, Hiuni will self-calibrate
  • Connect your iOS or Android tablet to Hiuni via the Hiuni app (You can also do this via a local Wi-Fi network)
  • Choose an observable celestial object
  • Hiuni will navigate to your selection on its own

If you want to buy Hiuni on Kickstarter now, you can get for $489. This price is quite affordable for a good telescope. Especially considering that when Hiuni is officially released, it will retail for $1,190. The telescope comes with a charger, a protective carrying case, and access to the Hiuni iOS or Anroid app. Estimated Delivery around June 2019.