UC Berkeley startup is trying to revolutionize food delivery

UC Berkeley incorporates a new on-demand delivery service. In contrast to any of its predecessors, however, this one depends on robots. The co-founder of Kiwi robots and CEO, Felipe Chavez Hernando Cortez was anxious to own his robots tested in globe conditions.

Kiwibots uses a fleet of twenty terrier-sized wheeled robots to choose up and deliver food and personal-care things among a roughly one square mile area targeted on the field. The vehicles operate between Shattuck and Piedmont avenues and between Hearst Avenue and Dwight way.

The city and sector were a natural applicable Kiwi. At the beginning basic level, the infrastructure made-up streets, well-maintained sidewalks, functioning traffic signals, crosswalks, and a sometimes law-abiding grouping that permits for robots to figure smoothly. In addition, UC Berkeley contains a high concentration of residents ironed each for time and space to rearrange meals reception.

The price of Kiwibots is far less than its competitors. However, it’s even more cost-effective to simply walk to a taqueria and cheaper still to cook at the house. In neither of those situations, however, is there any discussion of the potential negative economic consequences for not hiring anybody.

How does the Kiwibots’ service work?

  1. Firstly, customer have to downloads the Kiwi app
  2. Then, Places an order on their phone
  3. A driver with Kiwi deposits one of the bots at the nearest selected stop, which serves provides guaranteed parking for the driver
  4. From there, Kiwibots proceed to the business for pickups, where the order is placed inside the bot
  5. The now loaded bot returns to the stop where the driver can retrieve it
  6. The driver then drops the bot at the stop nearest the customer and the bot rolls the final leg
  7. In the end, the app notifies the customer when the Kiwibot has arrived

The company has already consummated over 10,000 orders with its team of delivery ‘bots. In December of last year, metropolis went thus far as forbidding delivery ‘bots from town streets for concern of a robotic walk takeover.

Kiwibots is a courageous startup. The corporate makes a solution that makes sense on a bigger scale, as well as totally autonomous navigation and problems with potential thieving of the technology, Once the robots extend beyond the Berkeley field. However, it’s still a promising begin.