Are tangled headphone cords creating trouble in your life? Or you have a bad habit of putting things anywhere and then forget? Nowadays that headphones and corded earbuds double as mics for smartphones and remotes for connected devices, tangles are more of a problem than ever. This is a common problem among all of us. But when you ever think that you needed somewhere to strap your loose AirPods?  Well, this is awkward but real.

Now mobile accessory maker Elago comes with a new product called the AirPods Wrist Fit. It’s a wristband with a detachable silicone dealie that lets you store your loose earbuds on your wrist.

What is Elago Wrist Fit Apple AirPods?

The latest AirPods-centric product might be the most inventive yet. It does this by attaching to the wearable’s band and providing a slot for each AirPod. The accessory fits on most first-party 38 and 42mm Apple Watchbands. It’s a wristband with a detachable silicone dealie that lets you store your loose AirPods on your wrist.


The Wrist Fit provides two options for carrying AirPods on your wrist: you can use the included black silicone strap to only carry the Pods, or take off the small silicone attachment and slide it onto a compatible Apple Watchband.


Your wireless earphones should now be secure for the time being, as long as your hands aren’t moving too much. Elago provides two small slots for you to store your headphones and access them easily. It’s a perfect place where you can put your AirPods while you work out or when you run out of battery.

AirPods Holder

This Elago pods holder also fits over a standard Apple Watchband, so you can always carry your pods next to your watch. This looks better than the band by itself.


This is made up of non-toxic silicone that is harmless to the human body. Basically, silicone is usually used to create medical devices and baby bottles. Moreover, this device won’t deform or stretch over time.

DISCLAIMER: AirPods and smart watches are not included.

Get this harmless non-toxic silicon made Elago Alripods Wrist fit on Amazon @ $8.99.