Music somehow has a way of influencing just how we actually think and feel. The right kind of music can make us feel invincible and let us take actions that would normally be difficult, or at least challenging to us, while the wrong kind can make us feel inferior and sometimes even powerless. And unlike most other forms of stimulants that can alter perception, music seems like a better alternative, considering that we just need to listen to it.

Anyway, to this effect, people in the modern age have come to rely on headphones and headsets to make their musical experience even more worthwhile. After all, keeping your music to yourself have so many benefits. 

So, now we’re going to discuss the most comfortable over-earbuds that are out there, right now. The all-new WF-SP700 earbuds are Sony’s second completely wireless model. Intended with workout warriors in mind, the wire-free earbuds offer a combination of distinctive looks, a highly customizable audio experience with an Extra Bass option, and adjustable noise cancellation.

Comfortable for Workout

When it comes to fit and comfort, the WF-SP700 will be best one by their organic design. The earbuds have a secure and exceptionally comfortable fit; also they’ll stay in place during any workout.

WF-SP700 wireless headphones look like tiny, slightly longer pebbles. There are no sharp edges on the earbuds, so they’ll be more comfortable even before you open their see-through box.

Keep Yourself Energetic with Extra Bass Feature

This wireless headphones offer a well-balanced sound signature, which will plea to a broad range of audio tastes. Sony’s mobile app has many available presets, which are specially designed for various types of content. They range from a dedicated option for speech, all the way to an Extra Bass feature, which is great for workouts.

Amazing Noise Cancellation puts them ahead in the Race

The sound quality of the WF-SP700 is highly impressive. This headphone will tune out unnecessary ambient noise at the gym and outdoors.  You can off the feature with the press of a button on the left earbud. It’s perfect for outdoor runs and exercises.

Earbud Buttons

Each earbud has a button to control essential functions:

  • Right earbud button: For audio playback and phone calls
  • Left earbud button: To controlling the noise canceling

Battery Life

The WF-SP700 earbuds are capable of lasting up to 3 hours between charges.

Available Colors

Sony offers this earbud in eye-catching colors — black, white, yellow, and pink.

Final Verdict

The Sony WF-SP700 earbuds are sleek, comfy, and sound great. All thanks to their built-in digital noise cancellation, the wireless headphones will let you tune out your surroundings and focus on your workout.

Price: $148.00

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