As the popularity of action cameras continues to grow, so does the competition between manufacturers, all fighting for the biggest piece of the action sports market. But with so many cameras out there, deciding where to invest your hard earned cash can be a difficult decision. A particular camera making headlines at the moment is the SiOnyx Aurora Action Cam – Turns night into day.

So, now the question is how does the SiOnyx action cam stand up against the veteran of the cameras? 

Don’t let the dark stop you

That is the idea behind the Sionyx Aurora, an action camera that can shoot day or night because of the ultra-low-light sensor and night vision. After originally launching with a Kickstarter earlier this year, the company says the camera will be available in August.

Sionyx uses a patented design that increases the sensitivity of the CMOS sensor by as much as 10 times compared to traditional sensors. That increased sensitivity allows the camera to capture low-light images in full color.

Night video quality

When people look into Aurora’s viewfinder they are blown away out when experiencing this kind of night vision for the first time. It’s just not something we’re used to because this level of night vision capabilities was reserved to the military not so long ago.

It is hard to believe but true that this camera does not need any kind of infrared illumination to work, which means that images look very natural, and you get the unlimited range in the distance. Things just don’t fade away as if you held a flashlight. It does work very well with a small amount of light; even 0.5 LUX is enough to see clearly.

Aurora action camera can capture color photos and videos (720p) in extremely low-light conditions, something that much other night-vision equipment in the same price range don’t do, or don’t do nearly as well.

Low-light technology based on Black Silicon

The ultra-low-light CMOS sensor is the biggest reason behind SiOnyx’s Aurora amazing performance. It tuned to maximize the light sensitivity to the 850nm and 950nm infrared spectrums. 850nm is used for consumer applications such as home webcams, and you can see the red color of the lights if you look at them. 940nm is entirely invisible to the naked eye and is usually used for tactical reasons.

You don’t need an IR illuminator as everything around you emits some IR radiations:

  • Anything above the absolute zero (-273.15C) radiates “some” infra-red because it is produced by the motion of atoms and molecules
  • Outdoors scenes are warmed up during the day, which makes IR radiation even stronger. This is called “nightglow”
  • Any object emitting heat will radiate IR


Sensor Ultra Low Light CMOS
Night Vision Moonless starlight capable
Display Color or monochrome
Lens 16mm; F/1.4, 2.0, 5.6 selectable
Videos 16mm; F/1.4, 2.0, 5.6 selectable
Photo .9MP images
FPS 8, 15, 24, 30, 60
Time Lapse 1/s, 1/5s, 1/10s, 1/15s, 1/30s, 1/60s
IMU GPS, Accelerometer, Compass
Connectivity WiFi, USB 2.0
Storage Micro SD 4-32GB
View Finder Micro OLED display
Waterproof Waterproof IP67
Battery Rechargeable 2h continuous
Phone OS iOS, Android
APPs Marine, Hiking, Team


+Extreme low-light videos

+Rugged and waterproof chassis

+Ease of use


Slightly expensive

Still, photos could be better

Rating: 9/10

Final Verdict

Image result for sionyx aurora

The SiOnyx Aurora delivers on its night-vision promise with the best night-vision capabilities we’ve seen in a civilian device. It is relatively compacting, well-built and its user experience is very satisfying. Aurora action camera can accommodate many use cases in theory, and we’re very curious to see how people will use it.  

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