Sleep is the best Meditation

– Dalai Lama

A sound sleep is something that everyone wants after a whole tired day, but there are neighbors partying or their kids shouting, partner snoring and all the cars honking outside you really don’t get enough sleep. People having Insomnia know very well how much a good sleep is important and added to it all the distractions around you just don’t allow you to sleep.

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So the fix to this is a white noise machine that adds up certain calm frequencies in the room with a nice lull song sound streaming which puts you off to sleep within seconds. There are many choices available on Amazon, you just need to select the one that fits your needs and functionalities also the one that works perfectly for your budget.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best white noise machines available right now, based on sales and customer reviews. From a basic one that won’t break the bank to one with all the bells and whistles, see which machine is perfect for your bedroom.

HoMedics- $18.99

Works very well for therapies and kids as it blocks all the outside sounds and plays a really nice and subtle sound like white noise which sounds just like a fan, a kind of noisy fan, but a fan, the ocean which makes you think that the beach is in the bedroom and the surfer will walk in any room, the “Thunder” one is odd as you would think thunder is a scary noise for some, but hey if it works for you use it.Totally it has six soothing sounds.

The timer is to help you out with scheduling the sounds and also an adjustable volume button.Perfect to carry it along and also has an auto-timer so that your sleep is not disrupted.

You can Buy this on Amazon.

Sharper Image Ultimate Sleep Sound Soother– $24.99

Want to sleep like a baby without any worry of the world? This sound soother is just what you are looking for. It helps you to sleep without disturbing others because of its sound as the headphone jack, so you can listen to its soothing sounds using your noise canceling headphones!

It promotes calmness and soothes you with the sounds and you can adjust it exactly how you want and take it along with you if you are traveling.

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Brookstone Tranquil Moments – $100.99

With a lot of clinical research, the sound patterns of this white noise machine depend upon the alpha, beta, and theta brainwave patterns associated with deep sleep, a continuous play mode will help you sleep the whole night or use a 30, 60 or 90-minute timer that helps you fall asleep.

You have a Zzzz button to get a better-enhanced sleep and it can be paired wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth to your phone, laptop or tablet. Carry it along whenever you are traveling anywhere thus carry your sound sleep with you always.

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Sleep is really important for the betterment of yourself so that you feel relaxed and lively always, so if you want a sound sleep and there are distractions around you just get the right White noise sound calmer so that you sleep peacefully.