As soon as the clock starts ticking to 9 pm, the dreadful duty of parents that remains is to get their kids off to sleep.  The bedtime stories, lullabies and still your child is wide awake? You already know how hard it is…It sounds simple – and it can be easier, with the right night light as your little helper and you will see your baby sleep soundly.

The cute round shapes in the form of animals make your children happy and even light up your kid’s cozy bedroom. A row of lit shell tortoises will entertain guests over your kid’s sleepover parties, a glowing elephant beside gives them a warm feeling.Help your son fight night monsters, with a Hulk or Batman light warding off evil. Help all of the households get to sleep faster, with our kids’ array of night lights.

Big Hero 6 Night Lamp-$11.99

You don’t know Baymax but your kids do. And if he is your kid’s favorite character than he would really love the lamp. It’s your personal healthcare which is officially licensed by Disney with moveable head and hands. It’s flameless, energy saving and long lifespan of the battery. These are safer to use and also not bright so you can sleep soundly.

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Portable Spherical Orb-Shaped Night Light -$62.94

These rotating balls of light with 3 different colors are really cool. You can select your favorite color with the sliding lever or keep them rotating. The balls can be detached and glow in the detachable mode for half an hour almost. It spreads enough light, projects nicely on the wall and can really accent a dark room.

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Star Night Light :

Its a combined night light and a prop, which kids can take along and play with it. It’s portable and you can take it along wherever you are traveling as its charging is really easy just with any USB cable. It’s made in Korea with a safe PP material which is safe for children and is eco-friendly. It works sufficiently for 20-70 hrs when being fully charged once. A good battery backup is a plus point.

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Chick Night Light- $17.99

With its cute shape kids will have fun making Mr. Chicken light up also the head is rubbery.Nightlight has different brightness settings which you can control with a long press, short push turns the light on and off.Its battery capacity is sufficient to work for three days if it is fully charged.

The night lamp comes with a USB 5V charging cable and a 12 months warranty.Perfect for action at night and it gives out appropriate soft light without waking up your babies and husbands when it comes to breastfeeding or diaper changing. Cozy night light to soothe your kids to sleep as well.

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Dinosaur Night Light:$16.99

Its an optical illusion Night Light with 7 different colors of red, blue, green yellow, cyan, pink and white. The Dinausaurs amaze the kids and so they would love to sleep beside the baby dinosaur.The power stays until 24 hrs and can be charged with a USB cable. The 3D feel is obviously cool and gives a modern tech feel to the room. Environmental friendly and the best gift for your kid.

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These Night Lights are just perfect sleep partners for your kids. So what are you waiting for? Go to right away and buy the Night Light that suits just right for your kid’s peaceful sleep.

Credits: Amazon Customer Reviews.