Bibo Barmaid allows customers to create blended mixed drinks at home with one simple touch of a button. Enjoy your Drink!

In past, we have to either mix a drink for ourselves or go down to a bar to have a bartender pours it for them. Luckily, we now live in a civilized society where such menial tasks are no longer necessary — if you’ve got the skills to make yourself an artificial bartender. Yes, it’s true now you can make your drink by the Bibo Barmaid- A cocktail machine.

What is Bibo Barmaid?

The Bibo Barmaid an innovative smart cocktail self-serve machine. It allows customers to create custom mixed drinks at home with one simple touch of a button, saving both prep time and storage space.

Bibo Barmaid System

Bibo Barmaid Dispense

An engineered and patent pending machine that uniquely creates an excellent cocktail every time. It is the core of the system and is a stylish feature for kitchen countertops.  At launch, the dispenser will be available in Red/Silver or Black/Silver.

Bibo-Alcohol Pouches

Name brand shots in a unique package format. Prior to pouch availability, each Bibo Appliance comes with a shot glass measured precisely to 50 ml so the drink is perfectly measured. Use the pouch or your own favorite liquor brand with our cocktail shaker and shot glass that is included.

 Bibo-Cocktail Mixers

Perfectly created mixes available in single-serve mixer pouches that include juices and natural flavoring that create the best tasting drinks ever.

How does it work?

1) Set up: Fill water reservoir, plug in, turn power on, place several ice cubes into your glass, and place glass on the drip tray

2) Drink Selection: Pick a drink type and insert the cocktail mixer pouch into the barmaid

3) Addition of Pouch: Add the alcohol pouch, as indicated on the cocktail mixer pouch 

4) Pull the handle down to initiate mix: out pour the perfect drink in about 20 seconds!

Bibo Barmaid Features

1) Makes the perfect drink in less than 20 seconds with an easy to use the system

2) LCD Panel and buttons give instructions for ease of use

3) Small counter-top profile for easy storage and lightweight so you can take with you for tailgating or in your RV or boat

4) There are two easy ways to clean the Bibo Barmaid:

  • Rinse between drinks so there is no flavor residual from drink to drink
  • After use, just pop out the handle/blade assembly and rinse that unit in warm soapy water for complete cleaning.

It’s time to ‘Rethink the Drink’ and revolutionize the way we enjoy refreshing adult beverages.

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