There’s no question that we do love video games. Playing them on Xbox one controllers is quite fascinating but when it comes to charging the controllers in between of some intense game almost takes forever. That’s the only thing that we have to be considerate of the controllers.

The revolutionary change to wireless controllers from wired has made the gaming industry and market wider. Thanks to technology, we have been given the ability to execute immediate in-game response through a self-powered, wireless protocol.

The longevity and availability of a controller’s battery level is always a good thing to have, which is why, in recent months, there has been an influx of controller-charging stations that have been made available to the market.

The price conscious gamers have been hesitant enough to invest in gaming docks because of other means being available, but there is no arguing of having one of the best charging docks at home.

The controller batteries have the limited lifespan which is not good for long gaming sessions. These are alkaline or nickel batteries which have some cons either ways. After they wear out disposing of them is also a question. In today’s world where renewing batteries and computer accessories is tough, we would want to rely on a sustainable device. That’s when charging docks come into focus.

These charging docks come with rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs that are made to fit Xbox one controllers. These packs can be charged on their product docks and have double lifespan than the batteries, so you are definitely assured that your controller will not switch off in the midst of an intense online battle.

They also have sustainable rechargeable packs so there is no need to continuously buy, use or dispose of these batteries.

Because of this, we are able to limit the amount of wastage that may or may not end up getting recycled properly.

Longer battery life for your controller + Environment-friendly effects? I bet you are liking charging docks already.

Our Pick

BEBONCOOL Xbox One Controller Dual Charger

  • Xbox One controller charger is compatible Xbox One / One S / One X / Xbox Elite controllers
  • Where there are many competitors trying to make the best charging docks Beboncool is bucking the trend with quality products that don’t break the bank.
  • The new Beboncool charging dock has two docks with 2 rechargeable 600mah NiMH battery packs.
  • It is easy to operate as when you are not playing you can put the controllers to charge and it will begin charging automatically without needing to remove the battery. The Red LED indicates charging and Green LED indicates fully charged.
  • The charging station is portable and lightweight so now you can charge as well as travel simultaneously. Just grab your controllers and you are ready to play with your friends.


How to use?


Just like how portable charging batteries have become very important for every one of us in some time the charging docks will also become a staple for gaming consoles. With benefits like reasonable pricing, environmental contributions, and long-term energy conservation, products like these are definitely going to have a place for gamers who want a sustainable kind of battery for their controllers.

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