Would you ever want to miss the moment to take a picture with you on it? Of course not! However, it is usually difficult to capture the whole environment as well as yourself in one single picture to make that moment a lasting memory. In such situation, a good Selfie Stick would always be the rescuer.

Selfie Sticks have become an important tool to capture your Kodak moment making sure you have everything that you want in the frame. But there are many in the market. Amazon makes it easier to select one with its reviews and tagging: Amazon’s Choice.

Here we will reflect upon the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ on Selfie Sticks:


This device is not just a selfie stick but also a tripod stands Yet it is light weight and foldable. Customers feel that it is the best selfie stick which is so small that they can actually place it on their paws.

The dual feature of the selfie stick (also a tripod) is what customers like the most. Also, the Bluetooth remote control is attached so firmly that there are very less chances of it coming off unwantedly. The remote device is quickly charged and gets paired with your phone easily. The stick is a solid built and made with a high quality material making it feel very sturdy.

“This is by far the best selfie stick I’ve ever had to use in my life! The best part about the whole entire selfie stick is that if you don’t use the camera for a long time you just long press the picture button and it connect you to the phone and you can keep taking pictures!”. Indeed, the selfie stick is super convenient with built-in 65mAh battery that is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, and once paired, it remembers the device.

Customers are also satisfied with the assurance that the company has given to them. The product comes with 18 months’ warranty. Customer service is well appreciated and product is quality guaranteed with ISO certification.

Some features of the product are:

  • 360-degree adjustable rotation
  • Aluminum alloy stick
  • Up to 28-inch-long stick
  • Only 7.75 inch long when contracted
  • Built-in Bluetooth remote control
  • Bluetooth battery with 65mAh

Although there might be other selfie sticks in the market that are offered at a much lower price than the Yoozon selfie stick, if you are looking for selfie stick that can be used for multi purpose, used as a tripod too and that is sturdy, Yoozon is the right option for you.

At $21.99 it can be bought here.