In a world filled with MP3 players and Bluetooth speakers, there’s something deeply nostalgic about vinyl records. Many of us have grown up listening to some of the most iconic artist’s thanks to our parent’s vintage record players.

And since vinyl is slowly making a comeback, it’s only fitting that our beloved record players get a new makeover. With so many turntables available online, it’s hard to make a choice.

If you’re looking for the best experience then it definitely lies with the Audio Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Turntable.

Who should buy it:

  • Anyone with a large collection of vinyl records but no recorder to play them. You can even gift this turntable to your grandparents to take them back to the good ol’ days.
  • If you’re an audiophile who misses the old-school record players then you must get your hands on this.
  • Newbies looking for their first record player but have no idea where to start. This turntable is not only easy to use but rest assured you’ll be getting the best sound quality!

What’s so special about it?

Design and Sound: Not only does this turntable bring new life to your old records but it looks beautiful and fits into any space easily. You will definitely be blown away by the sound quality but since its Audio Technica, could we expect anything less?

Simple controls and set up: It doesn’t take a genius to work this turntable. The controls are easy to use with some minor assembly that is required. Just push the start button and the needle lifts into position automatically and begins playing the first song. You can push stop or let the album run out and needle automatically retracts to the home position.

High quality at an affordable price: For $99 this is definitely a steal compared to many other high-end turntables that won’t give you the same sound experience. If you’re looking for a good turntable without burning a hole in your pocket then this is the only one you need.


With deep bass and clear highs, this is a great entry-level turntable that’s well worth the price. You may find some complaint about its “low volume” but that’s because the unit comes with the pre-amp turned off. Just flip a switch in the back of the unit and you’re sorted.

All in all, we definitely recommend this unit for all those looking for a budget turntable that doesn’t compromise on sound.

So what are you waiting for? Bring out all those dusty records and tune in to the sounds of yesteryear. Happy listening!

Find the Audio Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Stereo Turntable System on Amazon for $99.

Credits: Amazon customer review, pixabay