To order veggies online is easy. Placing an order via some apps and we get almost everything delivered to our footsteps. Its the best thing but when we look into the veggies properly we will and many germs, organisms or worms. Even if the veggies packed and look healthy. Growing own veggies at home is a only good and better option available and this is very easy.

If we have our own veggies and take proper care of them there won’t be wormed eating up the plants and they would be healthy enough to consume. You won’t even have any diseases or get sick.  But growing them in-house is hard as they won’t get enough light and nutrients but this is now possible with the new EcoQube Sprouts.

Now you can grow sprouts in less than 10 days that too in-house with the EcoQube Sprouts. The company Aqua Design innovations (ADI) is adding this new and styled microdevice to their range of aquatic ecosystems and aquaponic ecosystems.

The EcoQube Sprouts:

This device makes plants and sprouts grow without any of the attention.

The EcoQube Sprout is meant to be very simple to use and requires almost no attention from you. Here’s how to use it: Once you receive the micro-garden, add water and the included seed-pad and seeds to the specially-designed grow tray. That’s it. There is no soil, fertilizer, special lighting, or plant food required.

Toni Beck, chief marketing officer at Aqua Design Innovations says “We designed EcoQube Sprout for the urban dweller who wants fresh greens but just doesn’t have enough space or time.” For the people who reside in urban areas like New York don’t have time but do want fresh and lush green veggies and want to stay healthy.

These micro veggies have 40X nutrients than the regular veggies.

How does it work?

Water from the reservoir travels upward using capillary action. The seed pad absorbs the water as needed. This provides the perfect environment for seeds to germinate into nutritious micro-veggies!

How to set it up?

  • Set the EcoQube Sprout down and add water to a reservoir.
  • Add a seed-pad to your Sprout and add seeds.
  • Sit back and watch as your seedlings grow a little bit each day!


The basic pack contains

  • EcoQube Sprouts grow tray
  • Seed loader
  • Seed pads
  • Seed loading spoon’

You can pledge for other advanced packs and receive more accessories required.

This amazing food grain in-house growing tray is a Kickstarter project and you can back it up on Kickstarter.

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