2018 is here and if you’re thinking of giving up on your resolution to get fit then what you really need is a fitness tracker.

Who should buy this cool tracker?

  1. Anyone and everyone looking for a little help on their journey to a healthy and fit lifestyle.
  2. Gym freaks looking for a handy gadget to help them track their workouts, calories, and routine.
  3. Those looking for an upgrade from their current fitness tracker. Look no further!

What’s so cool about it?

Track everything:

Every step you take, every move you make..Fibit’s watching you! From your heart rate to the calories you burn throughout the day and even your sleep cycles and water intake, it’s hard to believe this little tracker does it all.

Stay connected:

If you’re out on a run and forget your cell phone don’t worry! The Fitbit isn’t just a fitness tracker like you’d expect. It also lets you make calls and texts and even sends you reminders from your calendar and lets you set alarms.

A healthier you:

The gift of good health is indeed the best gift of all. Need to drink more water? Not getting enough sleep? Want to amp up on that cardio routine? Plan it all out with the help of your tracker and work towards it every day. 

Compete with friends:

Got friends who own a Fitbit? You can keep each other motivated with some healthy competition and see who takes more steps in a day!

All in all,

The stylish Fitbit Charge 2 is sleek, compact and packed with a lot of cool features, well worth the price. If you’re new to fitness trackers or simply want an upgrade- this is it! It’s easy to set up, doesn’t waste any time and before you know it you’re making healthier decisions wherever you go.

For $147 you can find the Fitbit Charge 2 on Amazon here.

Credits: Amazon customer review, fitbit.com