Gadgets that stand out from the crowd are always appreciated and loved. Innovative gadgets with new techniques that help us grow and discover things we are not aware of. We bring you the best innovative gadgets of 2018

Proof wristband

We go to the parties get some drinks to get high and then start losing count of how many drinks we had. Now you don’t have to worry about drinking over the limit with the Proof Wristband. Every 2 hours three people are killed in alcohol-related highway crashes.

the $150 BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer brings the technology into the smartphone age. The pocketable unit syncs wirelessly over Bluetooth, allowing you to view your blood alcohol level on the companion iPhone app. It also offers some curious social-media and location-sniffing capabilities that run the gamut from ill-conceived to creepy and invasive. That said, the BACtrack can take measurements quickly and predict when you’ll sober up, making it a powerful tool for drinking more responsibly.

Proof stands out due to its slew of advanced features such as BA(C)K tracking technology which automatically monitors your BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) level and uploads the data to your smartphone. You can even set up the app to activate an alarm when your alcohol intake reaches a preset level.

Nutale GPS

The most lightweight and compact trackers of 2018. It has 30 days of battery life, supports group sharing of GPS coordinates, and records footprints up to 28 days. You can track almost any device that you are connected to the GPS, also your luggage, kids, pets etc.



  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Safety Region
  • Location Records
  • Ultra-Long Battery Life
  • Group Sharing

Not released yet, will be launching soon.


Vuzix Blade AR glasses

VR and AR are hot topics for ages. VR has almost made a greater contribution to most of the fields and augmented reality is just exploring its way out. Like snapchat launching snap goggles and Facebook bringing augmented reality ads to their news feed.

Vuzix is a NewYork-based company that is trying to resurrect the google glass.

It’s a pair of augmented reality smart glasses that float a screen in the upper right corner of your vision. But unlike previous iterations, in which the technology protruded in ugly and apparent fashion, the Blade is the first device Vuzix has developed that contains nearly every aspect of the display and its power source within the eyewear frames.

The company has partnered with Amazon to integrate Alexa making the Blade the first pair of AR glasses to make use of Amazon’s voice-based digital assistant.

The price is $1000 at present and the company aims to bring it down to $500. The blade has a battery life of 12 hrs and can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or even over Bluetooth with an iPhone or Android to display images and videos. To maneuver the device’s interface, you can use an internal voice control system that’s separate from Alexa, or you can use a series of multi-fingered swipes on the right side of glasses frame.

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