While some might find it very touristic, selfie stick has been one of the most important tech accessories; specially for those who are concerned of uploading their pictures over the social media. Selfie stick will allow you to take picture of yourself or of your group without having anyone to be out of the picture. Also, you will have full control over the picture that you are taking which sometimes comes out to be disappointing when given to a stranger to take the picture. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about missing the perfect Kodak moments even while you are alone.

Selfie sticks come with several features as well as prices which might at times confuse customers. They are lightweight, compact, small and easy to carry around. You have to be very certain about which model would fit you the best. An expensive one might not be fitting to the size of your phone, while very cheap ones that fit might break down quite easily if your phone is heavy. Moreover, some are more suitable to take pictures while moving while some are perfect for underground shot.

Therefore, to guide you to select the best one, here we will reflect on what to look out for while buying a selfie stick.

1. Size

While buying a selfie stick, most people miss to check the size of the phone holder and only focus on the length of the stick ending up with a stick that doesn’t suit them. A very narrow yet wide holder might not fit your phone accurately. Also, when you choose a holder that is way bigger than the size of your phone, the holder might not have proper grip causing the risk of your phone dropping off and damaging. The length of the stick is another size aspect to look for. You need to make sure that the length suits your purpose. Else, you might miss out yourself while taking that beautiful panoramic selfie. Better to look for ones that have foldable sticks, or ones that can be contracted.

2. Connectivity

A selfie stick can also have a remote control feature to take your pictures just by pressing a button close to the handle. This is one of the essentials features to have while buying a selfie stick. There are two ways this feature can be used; via Bluetooth or via 3.5 mm audio jack. The Bluetooth option are more popular as it is wireless and you wouldn’t have to bother if the cable fits well in your phone. You might also have to check the battery quality of the selfie stick. Make sure that the battery once full charged captures the required amount of pictures that you need.

3. Built quality

Each selfie stick comes with a specific purpose. However, it is important that you know the design as well as the grip quality of the stick. The grip in the handle of the stick must be very firm as this will make your phone more secured. Some poor quality handle can be very slippery and risky to your phone. Be very careful about it.

4. Length of the Stick

While most of the sticks are foldable or contractible, it is important to know the length of the stick. One that goes beyond 75cm can take wide angled pictures making sure that you are not left out from the group picture. Some do extend till 100 cm, but you have to make sure that the weight of the phone doesn’t bring the stick to ground. Also, look for sticks that can be retracted till 20 cm.

5. Convenience

Though most of the selfie stick weigh less and are small in size, it is important that you know the weight of the stick so that it is convenient for you to carry it around. If you are a frequent traveler and take a lot of pictures, it would be good idea to carry the light weight one, but also durable. Some selfie sticks also have the tripod feature. This allows you more grip and ability to have proper control over the picture.