The Clever Dog is a Smart Camera that allows you to remotely monitor your business, office or home, using the built-in microphone and loudspeaker from anywhere using the Clever Dog app.

In this article, I have mentioned some essential information related to set up a Clever Dog camera and fix any possible issues.

Clever Dog Features

  • Free control 360°panoramic view
  • Motion Detection & Smart Screenshot
  • The real day and night surveillance
  • Anytime and anywhere to communicate

Installation Procedure

  • Connect your Clever Dog camera to a power supply. The camera will be ready to set up once the power indicator turns blue and the Wi-Fi indicator starts flashing a blue light
  • Download the free “Clever Dog” app from App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices).
  • Open the app and register with a valid email address.


Clever Dog Camera Software Update

The Clever Dog camera sometimes needs a software update. In that case, go to the homepage and click the + icon to add a new device. After this, you can update the software, click on the yes button and then follow the on-screen instructions.


In this app, the status of your camera will either be ONLINE or OFFLINE/CONNECTING. Sometimes, due to system updates, it takes the longest time to connect.

Red Wi-Fi indicator light

If the Wi-Fi indicator light is red and flashes continuously, press the yellow Wi-Fi button on the camera until the indicator starts flashing a blue light. Go to the Clever Dog app, choose the visible “DOG-XXXX”, tap the tool icon in the top right corner and follow the installation process.

Memory Card Support

Some customers may find that a memory card is not detected. What you can try is to delete the Clever Dog from your device, then re-add it with the memory card already inserted. Or you may find that the card is detected but the camera keeps going offline. Again delete the camera and re-add it. The camera should now be online and you will be able to also check the history of recorded data on the memory card. Note that the Clever Dog camera supports memory cards with a maximum capacity of 32GB.

Wi-Fi frequency

The Clever Dog will work with all home network routers using 2.4GHz wireless frequency. If you are using a 5GHz router then you will need to set up another network using a 2.4GHz frequency.


Can I use the device on multi-client of the app?

You can sign in on different systems or different devices. But it only supports one user viewing the real-time video at the same time.

You can use the“sharing” to share your device with your friends or families who have registered.

Can I view the live video from anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can watch the live video feed. You only need a stable Wi-Fi connection for the Clever Dog camera and a stable Wi-Fi/3G connection on your mobile device. There is no need to configure your Wi-Fi router or create a static IP.

Can I view the live video from different devices and/or different accounts?

You can install the Clever Dog app and use the same account on all your mobile devices. The app also offers a sharing feature, which allows you to share the video with friends and family who have separate accounts.

Note: At any given time, only one user can view the live video feed. Also, you can only invite other users from the device on which Clever Dog was initially set up.

Why is the video black and white?

Because of an infrared filter, the camera also works in a low light environment. The filter turns on and off automatically, depending on the light conditions. This way it ensures a better quality, but the video is black and white.

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