When we talk about laser engravers, big machines with laser beams come into our heads. A Taiwan company has totally changed our thought by producing Cubiio-a laser engraver that can fit into our bags. And as we say, it is so compact that it can be carried in your backpack so it’s portable too. You can engrave customized designs on a multitude of surfaces with the help of low-intensity laser present on the Cubiio.

3D Printing was uncommon before some 10 years but today everyone is aware of 3D printers and 3D printing and how does it help to improve living. Similarly, the Taiwanese company wants to change the way we look at the laser engraving niche.

Hung Shao-kang who is a mechanical engineering professor at Taiwan’s National Chiao Tung University, developed the device with some of his students over the course of a year.

“From the beginning, we wanted to design it as a product that the general public can use,” said Hung. Thus you don’t have to be professional or have any experience in laser engraving.

Technology Of Cubiio

Cubiio is made up of a semiconductor laser source and two current driven mirrors in order to deflect laser beam along the X and Y axis with 152 – 254 dpi resolution.  A galvanometer and f theta lens are used to correct image distortion problem, the Cubiio has a special inbuilt algorithm to compensate distortion successfully. That’s why Cubiio is compact and portable. The embedded CPU in the laser engraver translates your sketches into digital commands to tilt mirrors particularly.

The device is app-controlled and gives output up to 100 adjustable levels automatically at any intensity with a maximum of 800 mW across leather, fabric, wood, acrylic etc.

It works with uploaded photos with G code file format or phone/tablet input as graphic sources for the laser to imprint in a single or batch mode.

How to Use Cubiio – laser engraver?

It operates with a Cubiio app that can be downloaded on iOS store or Google play store.

1. Choose a G code, picture or write something in the app.

2. Place the item you want to engrave in the accessible area of Cubiio

3. Preview and align.

4. Press start and your Cubiio is all set to engrave.

Why do you need Preview?

Before engraving Cubiio projects a weak laser light is projected to the surface. During preview it moves along the decided trajectory, users can easily adjust the size, position, and the rotation angle. Once making sure, just press ENGRAVE to burn truly.

Cubiio Shield

Cubiio shield is present to help you save from the harmful laser beams. Keep in mind to vent the fumes to outdoor spaces. If you are gonna use the Cubiio laser engraver and make some cool things for your kids while they also want to create some things, the Cubiio shield is required. Safety should be taken into consideration while using Cubiio.

Not only the size has shrunk but the price is reduced too.

You can know more about the project on Kickstarter with the beginners kit starting from $ 200K.