Gone are the days when you crack egg shells crudely with a fork or the back of your knife. There is no sweating anymore in trying to get the right consistency every time.

Egg cookers are the most convenient and handy appliances one should have in their kitchens. If you happen to be in the market for an egg cooker, you probably already know there are a lot of designs and styles to choose from. Of course, the most suitable egg cooking device will depend on your use.

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, nearly $20

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is one of a top 10 best-sellers in the line kitchen appliances category on Amazon. More than 4,500 reviewers gave it a 5-star rating. A cooker can be set in a hard, medium, or soft mode. It boils 6 eggs at a time, poach, scramble, or make fresh customized omelets. Audible alerts will alert you when your egg is done. This version of the egg cooker is designed to hard-boil six eggs or poach two at a time, though there is a superior version to cook more eggs at once.

Amazing features of Egg Cooker:

  1. One-Touch Power Button: Choose your preferred eggs and set the timer. The audible alert will let you know when your eggs are finished cooking.
  2. Size: The appliance’s compact size fits easily in a cabinet and all the accessories fit inside for easy storage.
  3. Trays: Included trays allow you to create hard-boiled, soft-boiled, omelets or poached eggs.
  4. Measuring Cup: A Measuring Cup indicates the exact water levels so you can cook your eggs precisely and easily. The bottom of the cup features a pin to pierce the shell.

How does it work?

  • First, pour a fixed amount of water on a metal plate.
  • Set the uncooked eggs in an insert on top, pierce the eggs with the provided pin, and push the button to start.
  • Wait until the buzzer goes off, open the top, and all the steam is gone, leaving you with properly cooked eggs.
  • It also works well to steam small amounts of veggies, too — just enough for a side or snack.

All counter egg cookers are available in some elegant models that will not only compliment your kitchen but will also add a new dimension, which will certainly make cooking a wonderful experience.