For those who love to eat and cook at home, the kitchen becomes the main place, and it has to be equipped with ingredients, foodstuff, and appliances of assorted sorts, each appliance performing a specific set of functions. Cooking is advised by medical and health professionals since it’s healthier and hygienic also. Preparing food to feed the family is a time-consuming procedure requiring a lot of time in the kitchen.

If you’re a food lover then precision cooker can be your home cook’s best friend. Usually, meat, especially beef, needs a longer time to be cooked at a very low temperature to achieve the effect. However, this takes up a lot of time and effort. But today we are living in a modern world where nobody and nothing will wait for you, everything should be fast. Especially in restaurants and hotels, you need something fast and able to do work quickly.

Anova is Leading People to Sous Vide

For thousands of years, we’ve predominantly been cooking over the fire. It’s so ingrained in us that cooking over the fire or in a heated oven is the way to prepare food that is safe to eat that it doesn’t really occur to us that there may be a better way.

The “cooking = fire or oven” mindset is clearly changing. People are realizing that cooking is really just bringing food to a certain temperature and holding it there for a period of time. An appliance, like the Anova Precision Cooker, allows customers more control over temperature, is now seen as an essential tool in the kitchen.

Let’s take a look at its features:  

Anova precision cooker Bluetooth

It is perfect to cook within the Bluetooth range from the Anova App. Can easily fit on any pot and have an adjustable clamp.

Cook like a pro

The Anova Precision Cooker allows anyone to cook a restaurant quality meal at home. This Sous Vide circulator is the perfect kitchen appliance for hands-off cooking of vegetables, meat and much more with consistent control and precision.

Perfect results, every time

Continuous temperature control provides reliable and consistent results every time. Perfect for vegetables, meat, fruit, cheese and much more.

How to use this precision cooker?

Simply attach the Precision Cooker to any pot, add water, and drop in desired food in a sealed bag or glass jar. Start cooking with the touch of a button on the device.

The Sous Vide Cooker’s timer and precise temperature control allow you to step away and relax while your food cooks perfectly. No additional equipment needed.

How to use the Anova App?

Simply download the Anova App to easily monitor, adjust, or control the device from your iPhone and Android or other smart devices. The Precision Cooker also provides cooking notifications while you’re out of the kitchen so you’ll know when your food is ready. The Precision Cooker’s Bluetooth connection allows you to control the device up to 30 feet away.

Now enjoy your cooking by creating a set of masterpiece dishes and impress your family and friends.

Bring Out the Best in Your Food!!

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