As March breathes its last dying gasps, Sony has announced that now Playstation Plus members will be able to download for free in the month of April. A list of six games is on the way, it looks like Sony kind of dropped the ball.

It’s PlayStation Plus time! Here are all the free PlayStation Plus games for April: 

  • Mad Max (PS4)
  • Trackmania Turbo (PS4)
  • In Space We Brawl (PS3)
  • Toy Home (PS3)
  • 99 VIDAS (PS Vita)
  • Q*Bert Rebooted (PS3/PS4/PS Vita)


Mad Max

PS4 Mad Max developed by Avalanche Studios, you star as the iconic lone warrior surviving a hostile Wasteland. The game is an open-world action title with a lot of features, customization, and great graphics.  Max Rockatansky’s dangerous journey begins after a gang steals his legendary Interceptor. Combining open-world vehicle combat with bone-crunching battles, Mad Max will keep you fully immersed as you fight to get your Interceptor back and make it to the Plains of Silence.


+The desert wasteland looks beautiful, with excellent lighting and weather effects

+Gorgeous Sandbox

+Satisfying options menu

+A lot of customization


Hand-to-hand combat is simple and easy to exploit

Repetitive Objectives

Trackmania Turbo

TrackMania Turbo is a racing video game developed by Nadeo and published by Ubisoft. It has the arcade feel mixed with the speed of F-Zero. It brings back the arcade feel of the crew voices and even the music. Fantastic graphics and music. 200+ tracks and track creator! PS4 needed a fun racer and we finally got it.


+Despite Ubisoft being involved, TrackMania Turbo stays true to its roots

+The game’s common feel has been changed to feel more modern, but in a better way, so not to worry, no dank memes here

+The level editor can randomly generate short tracks

+In new ‘stunt’ mode, you can control your car in mid-air and get the turbo for doing stunts


The customization was seriously dumbed down — you can only apply predetermined paintworks and a flag decal on your spoiler

To access online features, you have to use Uplay

Loading times where they shouldn’t be: i.e. there is a loading time when going from the menu to the car customization screen, which loaded instantly in the previous games


In Space, We Brawl

In Space, We Brawl is a local multiplayer, twin stick shooter with a lot of innovative features. Another source of inspiration has been the classic versus beat ‘em up genre, because of the diversity in the characters and the fighting styles.

The game is divided into two sections:

Arena: There are three types of arena modes- Tournament, Championship, and Gladiator. These modes are similar in that players will try to shoot enemy ships and kill them while dodging and shielding from attacks and space debris. At the end of the game, the player who has the highest score will win.

Challenges: It serves as both the tutorial for the game as well as a standard challenge system. A freshly installed game will only start with two challenges unlocked, but upon beating a challenge, another challenge is unlocked. There are 21 challenges in total, with some of them unlocking new ships and new ship weapons.


+After all these decades and with the right people there’s certainly some short-lived fun to be had


Everything from the art to the game modes seems half-hearted and uninspired

Difficult challenges need to be completed to unlock everything

Toy Home

Toy Home is a thrilling toy car racing game where your home becomes the racetrack. Weave between other toys strewn across a bedroom floor, hurtle across kitchen tables, dodge toy soldiers and zoom along model railway tracks in moonlit playrooms. The goal of the game is to collect coins, discover hidden medals, and hit every checkpoint before the time runs out – and there are bonus points available for every jump, smash and flip you make. Toy Home is manic, miniature racing fun!

Key Features:

  • Miniature Racing Action
  • SIXAXIS™ Wireless controller
  • Global Online Ranking


+More worth it in the long run

+Has a higher capacity disc format

+Higher build quality


PlayStation network not so good

May stop reducing discs

PS Vita


“99Vidas” is a brawler set in a contemporary world, but that pays tribute to both the classic and the new in the gaming industry. Brought to you in 16-bit pixelated glory, chock-full of references to not only gaming but also 80’s and 90’s pop culture. “99Vidas” takes full advantage modern era gameplay mechanics, making it the best of both worlds.

Several stages will take you on a journey to different parts of the world to face hordes of fierce enemies and relentless bosses, but you don’t have to do it alone: you can face this challenge with up to 3 other players in co-op play, both local and online.


+Enjoyable upgrading mechanic

+Lots of characters to unlock

+Different art style


Repetitive combat

High difficulties bar

PS3/PS4/PS Vita

Q*Bert Rebooted

First introduced in 1982 by Gottlieb, Q*bert was critically-acclaimed and went on to become one of the most successful arcade game of all time. Q*bert Rebooted had been released by LOOT Entertainment as a downloadable game for the PS4, PS3, and PSVita!

The game has two versions of play: Classic and Rebooted. Classic contains the original 2D gameplay while Rebooted replaces the cubes with 3D hexagons and introduces new playable characters such as Q*bot, Q*bertha, Q*knight, Q*nicorn and Q*zilla along with new enemies, traps, gem collecting and power-ups.

Q*bert: Rebooted is rated E for everyone and is available for download on PS4, PS3, and PSVita for $9.99 and $6.99 for PlayStation Plus members.


+Plenty of Levels

+Includes Q*Bert Classic

+Modify the gameplay in interesting ways


Less appeal

Uneven difficulty spikes

Over the coming months there is set to be lots of news and rumors surrounding the new consoles and you can keep up to date with all of these details. Thanks for reading and please look out for other articles on the new generation gaming consoles.