So you left your phone on silent and you’re scrambling around feeling your furniture for its vibrations. Or perhaps you’re rushing to work and can’t find your car keys. Sounds familiar?

It’s no doubt frustrating when you can’t remember where you put things and even worse when you waste so much time looking for it.  So if you could use some help then take a look at Tile’s impressive ‘Anything finder’ tracker. With two new models from its Pro series- Tile Sport and Tile Style, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your stuff.

Who needs this tracker?

  • Literally, everyone who leaves their phone lying around with no recollection of where you last saw it. And since many of us keep our smartphones on silent mode, it’s even more helpful to have a tracker around.
  • For all those of us who have a habit of forgetting where their keys are. Since Tile’s trackers have a keying hole you can just attach it to your keys and save yourself the stress and time!
  • Wish you could track your pet? Although it isn’t mentioned in the features, there are many who are using this device as a handy tracker for their wandering cats! And since GPS trackers are so much more expensive and big for your pet’s collar, you’ll want a better alternative.

What’s so special about it?


Tile’s sleek and compact design has always been convenient and lets you easily slip it into your pocket or attach it to your pet’s collar without it getting too bulky. But this time functionality meets design and the latest models look even more stylish than their predecessors.  Available in white-gold (Style) as well as matte black(Sport).

The key ring hole is perfect for looping it into a key-chain so you won’t have to worry about leaving your keys around.

Bluetooth Tracking:

How does it work? Using your phone’s Bluetooth, you can make your Tile ring loudly to pinpoint exactly where it is. As long as Tile is within the within Bluetooth range.  Apart from this, you can find out the last time and place it saw your item with the help of The Tile app which keeps a recorded history.

Better Range:

You get twice the range with the new Tile Pro series, isn’t that cool? While the previous Tile models had a Bluetooth range of 100 feet, the new Sport and Style have a range of up to 200 feet.

Additional features:

  • Much louder than the previous Tile trackers, the new Pro series offer twice as much sound.
  • Works on both iOS and Android with Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE.
  • Waterproof


The only downside of these trackers are that they don’t have replaceable batteries. This means that after its battery life of one year is over(from shipment date) you’ll have to use Tile’s replacement program to place an order for a new tracker at a lower cost. Though this is better than buying a new Tile, it would much better to just change the batteries.

All in all,

Both the Tile Sport and Tile Style are great trackers to help you find your stuff and look great while doing it! And if you can’t decide which one looks better, get them both as a Combo pack on Amazon here.

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