Even though Fathers day was on 17 June 2018 yet there is no time in the year which is specific to give gifts to the Superman of our life. We got to think a lot while gifting Daddy. We gotta solution for you instead of you asking him always what he wants. That’s what he has been doing all his life. And what better way to make life easier than new technology.

Technology has advanced to a level where there are gadgets which will work as he says and make him more comfier. He wants to read all his favorite novels, what better than a kindle. He doesn’t like watching his favorite movies on the laptop let him have an Amazon Firestick. Best to gift him an Amazon Alexa where he has a buddy for himself that helps him all his day.

These are some gifts that would make your superheroes life a bit simple.

1. Fitbit Alta HR – $ 128

Fitness in the middle ages is more important as they have to take care of the whole family and work longer hours to stay healthy. This one will not only help him count the number of calories he has burned but also help him figure the right workout for his goals, track his heart rate, pulse and everything else that you can think of.

2Kindle Oasis – $249

Your dad can relax around with the book anywhere he wants. Now there won’t be piles of papers gathered around him and moreover searching his favorite novel has become easier with Oasis. The best part is it is waterproof and doesn’t need frequent charging. He can also listen to audio books rather than reading them.

3. Key Finder- $ 44

He is so busy with his work and us that he forgets simple things like keys and to keep them on track with his busy schedule Tile key finder is the best gift he needs. Not only keys but phone and many other devices can be kept track of and moreover, he won’t lose anything. The tile key finder can be attached to items like keys, wallets, purse, phone etc. It gets connected to the phone VIA Bluetooth and once you buzz to tap into the Tile app and search for any item that you cannot find, the Tile attached to it rings. You can know more about this device here.

4.Amazon Fire Tv Stick – $ 39

Your dad and mom can finally have their own Netflix and chill sessions the old school way – on their TV. In addition, they can even binge-watch old Hindi classics on Amazon Prime and Hotstar, thanks to this handy device.

5. Amazon Echo– $49.99

This device is a true buddy that eases out your tasks giving you more time in hand. It guides you always and helps you while cooking or listening to songs even books your taxi. What else do you need other than getting all these things done easily handsfree? It guides you all through the day and makes sure you won’t feel lonely.

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