Though it hasn’t been a while that wireless chargers came into mainstream, one should definitely feel the joy of cutting the charging cables. Its simple and most convinient to use. Some variants come in price as less as $10 too.

Scoring 4.9 stars from 151 reviews, Yootech Wireless Charger is undoublty one of the best in the market. Costing only $12.95, the charger is powered with input and output of DC 5V.

It is compatible with all Qi enabled phones and switches to standby mode when the charge is full. The charger is equipped with sleep friendly smart lighting sensor.

What customers say

• Safe: Yootech Wireless Charger is conviniently very safe. It has rubber on both top and bottom making sure that the product lies firm on the surface as well as the risk of phone slipping from pad is low.