” Google Assistant is your new buddy now. It is going to guide you through the high and low and make your surfing journey a beautiful one”

We all are aware of what is Artificial Intelligence and how is it revolutionizing our machines and the electric world. Artificial intelligence is now a trending wave in the ocean of innovation and science and the biggest tech giant Google is using it. Everyone knows about the Google introduced AI machine – the Google Assistant.

The Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the next generation of innovation will be marked by a shift from “mobile-first to AI-first. The product launch has some of its implications yet is a great platform where businesses interact and grow.

This article guides you through the importance of why Google Assistant was developed and what all does it offer.

What is Google Assistant?

The Google Assistant decides how users will interact in the future with all the Google core products. Maybe Google has improved the traditional way of search with the help of Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is a conversational, voice-activated digital assistant created by Google that can perform actions on behalf of a user and provide contextual information.

It was first revealed at the 2016 Google I/O developer conference in May 2016 and was first available on the Google Pixel phone on October 20, 2016.  Google Assistant support for iPhone was announced at the Google I/O support conference in 2017. Currently, it is available on premium Android handsets, Google Home, iPhone, Google’s smart chat app Allo, some Wear OS smartwatches and devices, Android TV, and certain cars with Android Auto integration.

It is a virtual assistant buddy just like Apple’s Sir, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana and helps you in your everyday tasks and eases out your chores like booking a cab or ordering food online. It is easy to interact with the Google Interface. Recently announced that the AI will contain the voice of John Legend and other six different famous voices.

How to activate Google Assistant?

  • You need to set Google Assistant on your phone which should recognize your voice
  • Long press the home button on the android phone. Tap on the blue box on the top right corner it is the Explore section. And on the extreme right is the option for detailed Settings with the three vertical dots.
  • Tap on the dots visible -> settings -> preferences. Here you see a new option for Assistant voice.
  •  Now tap on the option and it should show a total of eight voices. This includes six new ones and the two original ones. Users can tap on each one, hear a preview of the new voice. Select the one they prefer from the menu given

And now your Google Assistant is active ask him anything to do for you. As a result, it follows your commands like its wish. I am sure you’re gonna have fun with the Google Assistant.

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Credits:techrepublic.com, Indianexpress.com