Today “going green” seems to be the catchphrase on everyone’s lips. Everyone from celebrities to big companies is latching onto that to prove that they are respecting our environment. Cooking with a solar cooker is one more way that you too can go green!

A solar cooker, or solar oven, is a mechanism that uses sunlight to cook food rather than electricity or gas. Often they are used to cook outdoors and can be a fun addition to any camping trip. Beyond merely being fun, they are ideal if you do not have access to fuel for your cooking.

You might ask yourself; am I most interested in baked goods such as bread, cakes, cookies etc., or do I want to do more of the high moisture content dishes such as soups, stews, chilies and meats that are ideal for slow, low-temperature cooking?

Most all of the solar cookers available in the three main classes can cook a large range of foods whether dry or moist, but some are more suited to specific kinds of foods that are others. Here, I have a fusion GoSun grill oven for you that can use both day and night. Surely, you will love this oven.

GoSun- Solar cooking without compromise

The GoSun grill features a cylindrical cooking chamber that is heated by a pair of parabolic reflectors. These reflectors capture the sun’s heat and focus it on the cooking chamber. Of course, you can’t capture any sunlight during the dark, so the company has added a 150-watt electric heater. If you’re on the road, this heater can be powered with your vehicle’s ‘cigar port’ or a powerful power bank. They are also offering a clean option for those who want to use pure solar energy: a solar panel charger with an optional battery pack.

Cooking with the GoSun Fusion

Although the Fusion can go up to temperatures of 288° C (550° F), it’s not particularly suited for searing and broiling. But it’s great for steaming, baking, and roasting- just choose a method that requires a longer time to cook. Under good sunlight, this grill can cook a meal for 5 in an hour.

Its 3.2 liter Cook Tray holds plenty of food, so you can go crazy with your recipes! Fish, chicken, bread, root vegetables etc. And the best thing is that you’re doing all this without harming the environment. It’s the epitome of solar cooking technology.

Why choose Go Solar?

There are many advantages of solar energy. Besides being some of the cleanest and most readily available energy sources, technological advances have significantly reduced the costs of solar power equipment. With this, you can easily recover the costs of installing the panels and purchasing equipment with the energy you save starting from day 1 of setting it up.

I do recommend you start with exploring solar cooking technology first, as it’s easiest to handle. And then you can move on to other pieces of technology before you finally decide to equip your home with the panels. It’s definitely an investment, but it’s an investment well made.

For those who are interested in getting the Fusion GoSun grill, it’s currently live on Kickstarter. And it is also available on Amazon