Jon Snow would have felt really comfortable at the Night’s Watch with  the Comfort touch

Winter is here!! Not yet, but its just 146 days away and we have already started collecting all the fashionable yet warm clothes, sweaters, jackets, and scarfs.  The woolen scarf is cute but uncomfortable and after wearing them for a little while we want a normal scarf that is stylish and warm too.

You would protest that you don’t need a  scarf but if you remember your young days, mom would wrap us in a woolen scarf whether we wanted to or not.

Of course, most of us come to appreciate the warmth of a scarf as adults. In the coldest conditions, that simple wrap can make a big difference to your comfort levels.

Now imagine your scarf was as warm as your first cup of coffee in the mornings. That’s essentially what the Comfort Touch scarf provides. Woven into the super-soft wool, this innovative accessory has a panel that provides instant heat. And the best part is these are available for both men and women with different styles and designs.

 Why you need one?

Your neck is the most exposed area during cold. You cover your body with sweater jackets or pants but around your neck, you can’t have a woolen scarf always. some people start feeling itchy due to the wool. Your neck is also the most sensitive area of all.

Feeling the chill, your body responds by reducing the circulation in your neck and shoulder area. This only makes you feel stiffer and colder.

The Comfort Touch is the right scarf that you need it provides the best warmth and is weave from high-quality wool.

How you get instant heat?

This scarf comes with a matchbox-sized power pack that tucks into your clothing. This rechargeable battery holds enough charge to provide two hours of continuous warmth. It takes exactly the same length of time to recharge inside the provided case.

Given the temperature it doesn’t mean that it stays constant whole winter, you have two heat settings. You simply flick a switch on the battery case to choose your preferred level of coziness.

It is made from skin tested wool that suits almost every skin type. The material is soft and smooth, yet also lightweight and breathable. It’s easy to wash and durable enough to take on any outdoor adventure.

Our pick

We have tested many scarfs before but this is uniquely woven.T he power bracket is woven directly onto the fabric. This technology isn’t very unique, but it is applied in a really fascinating way. Comfort Touch’s generous size, 210 x 30 cm is lightweight and breathable to keep you feeling fresh and warm.  Available in different designs and styles and you can even get it customized.

 Where can you find?

The Comfort Touch is avaliable on Kickstarter till August 16th, 2018 and is pledged for  $98 USD. It will be available for delivery from December this year.