This sounds impossible and funny, but its true. Kano Computer Kit allows your kids to build their very own computer, that too with the help of coding. Your kiddo is gonna make you proud by doing coding all by self and learning new things. Thus his screen time can be turned into an innovative task.

Today’s kids have access to coding available in the form of blocks that are pieced like a puzzle.  Kano has taken one step further to introduce coding to the smaller generation.

How to set it up?

The Kano Computer Kit is based on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Board. It’s a self-contained computer that includes a processor, a microSD card slot for storage memory, four USB-A ports, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more. The board can be directly plugged onto the backside of the screen via LEGO-like Pegs. The display comes with hardware-based drivers already installed so it’s easy as to plugin HDMI port.

After assembling, connect the power button to the Raspberry Pi board’s 40-pin input/output connector. Install a cable block for cable management. Install the speaker, the USB-based microphone, the external USB ports, and the battery.  The hardware is enclosed in a clear case on the back side of the screen and also serves as a stand.

Build with Supervision 

Supervision is required while placing the nano microSD card. This card comes pre-installed with Linux-based Kano OS 3.0. 

The microSD card is small and can get lost in the building process. After building the AIO PC booted up and drove directly to the screen setup. The device introduces itself via a screen-based command prompt asking for child’s name. It then went through a few tests to make sure the speaker and USB-based microphone worked correctly. After that, the introduction jumped into a more visually pleasing presentation that required a local wireless network connection. After the setup was complete the system rebooted itself into Kanos OS.

And your Kano Computer Kit is all set up, now you can enter into the Story Mode. The Story Mode is best for even adults who love playing pokemon games. You will learn and experiment a lot with the coding and be assembling stuff and also enjoy it.

If your kids love gaming and coding than the Kano Computer Kit is the best gift you can give to them so that their interest in the computers and coding remains constant. You can buy the Kano Computer Kit on Amazon just at $118.08.