Kid’s smartwatches are more affordable and less powerful designed especially for kids. Basically, they are standalone devices that don’t rely on smartphone’s connection. Some of these watches are full of apps, games, and built-in cameras to keep your little ones occupied.

Some smartwatches for older kids are in sync with smartphones so they can send and receives messages with their friends. Find the best smartwatch for your kids, and watch the fun begin.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2: Best for Taking Photos

Kids these days get obsessed with modern technology real quick. Some of them have born as a tech-savvy which is not bad. To move your child toward technology and to develop his mind, you have to give him something that he can nurture. This is where the 2nd Generation VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX comes into play!

This is such a cool watch for kids. To start with it is very comfortable, easy to use with large buttons, a touchscreen face, and it is brightly colored. It has different backgrounds and 55 customizable watches faces to help kids learn to tell time, so was able to personalize it right away.

There are two cameras on the watch to take photos or record videos, one on the face and one on the top so your child can take selfies or pictures of the room. It can hold up to 1600 photos which are great for a kid who LOVES taking a ton of photos at a time. With the Silly Me app, children can take pictures of their face and put fun filters on it, it also saves the photos as new watch faces.

The watch includes an assortment of games including Monster Detector – which is super cool, it uses the camera and augmented reality to help kids find and capture monsters in the real world. There are logic puzzle games and games to encourage activity using the watch’s motion sensor. In addition to active play challenges, it tracks you kid steps, just like moms!


  1. The belt is soft, comfortable, and flexible for all sizes of wrists
  2. This smartwatch has a 0.3-megapixel camera on its top
  3. It can record 320×240 pixels or 160×120 pixels videos
  4. The maximum length of per video recording is 60 seconds
  5. Kidizoom Smartwatch has a total of 5 built-in games, 3 fun activities, 3 action challenges with a smart motion sensor
  6. It does have a pedometer that can count steps or any movement
  7. It has 50 built-in 3D clock faces which encourage kids to check time more often
  8. Parents can limit how long their kid will play the game

Other Features It Has:

  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Voice Recorder


+Easy interface for kids
+Suitable for young photographers
+Splash and sweat proof


Need to take off for selfies
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Final Verdict

If you need a gadget for your young tech geek to develop his mind, teach him basics and leave him up busy in playing, this is the best thing to give him.

Price- $47.94 

Buy Now- Amazon 


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