“We read to know we’re not alone.” 
― William NicholsonShadowlands

Let me guess: You love reading books and are always looking for a better option rather than searching a newly released book in Crossword or a roadside bookstore but fail to get it, then the Kindle Paperwhite is just right for you. Still, you hesitate to buy a digital reader because you love the feel of the book.

Mindwell, this is just a misconception as digital readers like Kindle are doing really well rather than a normal book. Just imagine accessing thousands of books just via single device rather than buying a new book every time.

Kindle Paperwhite is designed for book lovers who read every day and love exploring their voyages with every new book. Sit back and relax with your own Kindle Paperwhite and take a rollercoaster journey with all your favorite books.

Who should buy this?

  1. An enthusiastic book reader, who finishes the book no matter what time it is or which place he is.. Kindle Paperwhite helps you read your book even in the dark nights and bright days, just adjust the brightness of the screen and you are all set.
  2. A vivid traveler and reader because paperwhite has a good battery life where it lasts for two, three days even when the battery is critically low.
  3. A friend for people who have eye problems and cannot read clearly also for the elderly as it doesn’t affect your eyesight and is made with the concern to encourage reading.
  4. You forget carrying the book along then you don’t even complete reading it, with Kindle Paperwhite you never forget any books.

Why is it worth Buying?

1.Easy navigation

It’s just like a book, yeah! without any buttons not making you feel that you have lost connection with your normal manual books. The way you flip your pages through your book similarly you just need to slide or tap to change the page. You can download loads of books from the Kindle store, to keep the reading giant inside you always full fed.You can browse through websites and it needs a wifi connection to download and surf the net.

Its light weight makes it more compatible with the handbags that we use, so now you have your buddy always with you, no worries of getting bored while traveling or munching over some snacks alone.

2. Amazing Battery Life and storage

Compared to the older versions of 2013 and 2014 the battery life of the new model is less sustainable.It is currently rated at 6 weeks of ½ hour average daily usage versus 8 weeks for the older models. That specification translates to 21 hours of use versus 28 hours of use for the older models.There is no change in the storage over the last updated versions, you can save and download over thousands of books and subscribe to kindle services to get the best of it.

3.The e-ink

You don’t feel like you are reading on laptop or phone but actually reading a book with Kindle Paperwhite.That’s what e-ink is. For sure it is better than carrying a new book everytime you feel like reading.

4. Vocabulary Builder

Fire tablets are surely better than the Kindle e-books but you won’t find the kind of vocab builders present in the Kindle digital reading series. So learn new words while you read and expand your vocabulary!


The Final Verdict

Whether you’re traveling for long hours or enjoying your morning coffee, the Kindle Paperwhite makes reading your favorite books much more enjoyable! Available on Amazon with awesome deals at just  $119.99, its definitely the best buy for ardent book lovers.

Credits: Amazon customer reviews