Eyes are considered as one of the most sensitive parts of a human body. Hence, there is a greater need for them to be protected. This is especially true for a sports person as it protects their eyes from wind, dust, UV rays, flying insects as well as accidental damage when engaged in games.

Extreme sports are dubbed extreme for a reason. There is a certain level of danger associated with these particular sports. As a result, you need to purchase all the proper equipment needed to keep you safe. One such piece of equipment is extreme sports sunglasses. No, these sunglasses are not just for making you look good although they definitely can! Rather, sports sunglasses keep the glare out of your eyes which reduces the potential for a serious spill of injury.

The slightest of vision problems can blight the career of an athlete, therefore, a pair of quality sunglasses not only provides full protection to the wearer but at the same time provides an opportunity to perform exceptionally well.

Why you need sports sunglasses?

  • Road cyclists, especially serious cyclists, might be cycling many miles in all weathers and from the flat to the summit of mountains, in all temperatures.  Sports sunglasses are essential for the changes in weather conditions, and to keep flies, and other debris out of the eyes.

  • If you’re a mountain biker, you’ll need to wear protective sunglasses for similar reasons to road cyclists.  Mountain bikers need to be able to see rocks or potholes as they descend down the sides of hills and mountains.  Even if you can’t see the hidden dangers, with the right sunglasses on, you’ll be able to see the path ahead.

  • Runners need to be able to see in all weathers.  Even when training early in the morning, or later on in the evening, the low sun can still cause problems for runners. 

No matter what your sport, or how seriously you take it, it is important to protect your eyes from the sun, and any flying debris.  Why not make sure your sunglasses are suitable for your sports or get some proper sports sunglasses today?

For those wondering what would be the proper sunglasses to match each individual sport, here is an overview:

LUOMON Polarized Wrap-Around Sport Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses can make you look hip 

If you are an athlete and wish to dash off some immaculate style statements along with performing well, then you must surely opt for the luomon sports sunglasses rather than the usual regular ones. This is so because sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from sun rays, dust, and pollution but will also add immensely to your overall persona.

A great plethora of sunglasses 

As the sports sunglasses are made with much more precision, after keeping the practicality of the sport concerned in mind, they are very comfortable and effectual. The overall appearance, the weights, and the shapes of these eye gears prove this evidence that they are especially for the athletes who have to face the winds, glaring suns, and other extremities of weather. But it also ensures that the sportsmen look really dashing when they put this eye gear on.

Features that will definitely make your choice clear

Adjustable nose pads and temple tips

It will help you achieve the perfect fit, and further make sure that your glasses stay on at all times, no matter whether you are skiing or climbing.

The UV protection level

UV protection is a very important aspect to check while buying sports sunglasses. Cataracts are a very common effect of UV rays. Hence, we need to give utmost attention to the UV protection that your sports sunglasses provide you. This sunglass is labeled as blocking 100% of UV rays.

Ultra lightweight frame

 Al-Mg Aloy is prized for its combination of lightness and strength. You can hardly feel them on your face, but they are unbreakable. It is best for motorcycle and cycling bicycle, driving, running, fishing, racing, skiing, climbing, trekking, or other outdoor activities.

Comfortable to fit all face shape                

The spring assisted hinge makes these sunglasses comfortable to wear. Its fashion Smart design can fit your face curve and absolute comfort for everyday wear. And also the ergonomic and super sturdy design ensures premium performance and comfort.

Polarized sunglasses

Light does not travel in a straight line which means sunlight bounces from surfaces like pavement, shiny grass, sand dunes, water, etc. For those who are involved in skiing, mountain biking, cycling, golf, etc., this feature is vital. Polarized sunglasses are sunglasses that help to reduce the glare of the sun. These glasses provide incredible clarity and glare-free vision.

Be it mountain biking, skiing, swimming, snooker, squash, cycling, football, shooting, snowboarding, sports glasses have now become a necessity for every sport. With safety being a major concern in every sport, especially adventure sports, it is better to be on the safer side than risking an injury. 

Luomon sunglasses offer a versatile range of sports sunglasses. Ultralight and premium quality, luomon sunglasses sports not only provide optimum protection against sunrays & dust but also offer exceptional visual width and top aerodynamic performance.

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