The MIDI pad controllers do fascinate us by creating musical effects and lighting up with blooming colors. This is what we look for if we go to any pub disc or some live music events of different DJ.  If DJing is your hobby or job you need to experiment with various pad controllers and so choosing the best one is a question. Having a pad controller can make you a better DJ in house parties too and you can learn things always on Youtube. So you need not be a professional one, just the love for pad controllers is enough to buy one.

ROLI Lightpad block

ROLI blocks are a set of synth controllers that snap together and hook up to your iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth. They are tiny as well as inexpensive and the main controller is called the Lightpad. The Lightpad is a small square which sells for $179. It’s a fun music-making tool as well as powerful and flexible.

Play with music as you can create music anywhere and anytime.  Make tunes, shape sounds magically just with your touch.

The expression is at your fingertips, so you can bring each musical idea to life in an instant.


At a higher level, the Lightpad is a MIDI controller as it becomes useless if not connected with an iOS device. You need to install the free Roli noise app and you can do magic with the music. There are 128 different software instruments from which you can pick in the app like pianos, guitars, pan flutes, drum, bass instruments, synths etc. Roli says that they will continue to release more free instrument updates and will sell the instruments by professionals like Grimes, RZA, and Steve Aoki.

How to play ROLI Blocks?

You have to pick the sound you are interested in after you pick that the Lightpad lights up. The real fun starts when you place fingers on the Light pads silicon covered surface. As the surface is pressure sensitive, so the harder you bear down, the louder the initial tone will be.

Holding your finger lets the tone ring out while different slides across the pad will let you tweak the sound in some major ways. If you slide horizontally, you’ll bend the note to whichever pitch your finger lands on. But if you move up and down, you’ll apply each instrument’s modulation effect. You can move your fingers slowly in short strokes to apply a subtle effect, for instance, or quickly move your finger across the Lightpad to really tweak out your chosen sound.

Within the app, you can explore more as to choose the right scale and only the notes in that scale will light up that way beginners can have more insight of the ROLI Blocks. You can technically perform live on the fly with the Blocks system, it also has a fully developed recording and looping system.


Satisfy all your musical demands with the ROLI Blocks, these are easy to use and portable. Give the best expression to your music, get this on AMAZON at $ 179.95.