While going through the laptop or cell phone just scrolling things everyone does stumble upon the old pictures of friends, family, trips and lot more. That nostalgic moment when just one picture of your loved one breaks you down or lights you up is just too overwhelming- all thanks to the CAMERA’s that have changed our lives since there invention. They are collecting memories since a very long time and thus evolving too. The latest trend of 360 degrees camera has been hyped a lot and why not if you can get the best out of it.

Who should buy this?

  1. As a photographer if you think that investing in a quite expensive professional CAM for getting a 360 degrees view is not worth so this is a must have CAM for you.
  2. Get panoramic pictures with various effects and yes you can make your videos famous on Facebook, Instagram and other social media’s.

  1. A  passionist of Musical.ly? You can get as many transitions as you want with the Theta S. Imagine your video getting famous and Dakota collaborates with your video with the Fifty shades freed dialogue.
  2. Valentines is near, you guys plan a trip and gonna click pictures. But what’s good in just clicking your own picture, with Rica Theta S you can get the 360 degrees view of the whole scenarios. Make your pictures better this Valentine’s day with RICOH THETA S.
  3. When your family is really big and cannot fit in the CAM screen, RICOH THETA S comes to your rescue, even getting videos as long as half an hour and with all new techniques, you discover photography in a new exciting way.

Why should you have RICOH THETA S

  1. Cost Effective and great quality

It comes at the handy price of $ 247.58, cheaper than the professional digital camera with all stuff of lenses and angles. This Cam takes a 360-degree picture just in one go. The quality of the image is great as you can see the below images, you just need to adjust some of the settings. Perfect for a family get to gather and no one missed out from the frame.

  1. Amazing storage and battery backup

Tired of deleting the images, apps, and shit every time from your cell phone or laptop after getting a message of “no space”, worry not RICOH THETA S has 8GB of memory and thus you can save all your videos and images in it. Once charged it lasts for a long time giving you enough time to click pictures in every angle that you want. Avoiding the discrepancy of always charging your devices when you are on a move.

  1. 360 degree is fun

With 360 pics and VR, you truly feel like you’re somewhere, not just experiencing it through someone else’s eyes. It’s not exactly like being there, but it’s tremendously closer than anything I’ve ever been able to capture or share before. And that really is exciting, to Help people visit places they physically can’t go.


  1. Cool Design

Along with high-resolution pictures, the cool sleek design of RICOH THETA S gives it a classy look, available in varied colors. It has WiFi connectivity to transfer pictures at high speed and also a LED indicator that shows whether you are going live or not.


With all these astonishing features and really a cheap affordable price, RICOH THETA S stands amongst the coolest 360-degree CAMERAS, and the most amazing part is the VR effects, you feel like the reality just hit you. Buy this incredibly sleek and classy CAM on AMAZON at just $247.58.

Credits: Amazon customer review, theta360.com