In today’s world of fast cars, high living and gadgets for everything, I must say my favorite thing would be our Coffee Machine. I bet you have bought appliances throughout the years and no matter how wonderful they were made out to be – they inevitably ended up locked away in the back of some cupboard. 

How many gadgets have you bought like that – how about all those slices and dice gadgets you have purchased and yet you now still reach for the knife when preparing food. It is just too hard sometimes to get them out, clean them, and then put them away. Easier to grab a knife.

On the other hand, Coffee Machines is a great bonus when someone comes to visit. It always feels good to sit down and sip on a wonderful coffee that is just like one bought in a coffee shop, sitting down in your favorite place with a great book. It doesn’t get much better than that. Then there are the cost savings – although we still love to occasionally visit a coffee shop, our costs are greatly reduced having our machine at home.

Introducing the Automatica- A ideal coffee brewing solution for home, office, or busy café

The Automatica is a coffee brewing machine that makes wonderful coffee simple and easy. It controls temperature, flow rate, volume, pours pattern, and time so you don’t have to. Enjoy the perfect pour over coffee with the push of one simple button.

How to use it?

1. Fill with water
2. Add your favorite coffee
3. Press the button and walk away


The Automatica is constructed with a commercial grade material palette. Inspired by vintage American machinery, it features a sand cast aluminum body with precisely machined brass accents. Its 1100 Watt heating element and stainless steel kettle make it look and feel beautifully balanced.

The Automatica is not disposable. It’s intentionally permanent and built to last a very long time.

Have yourself a nice coffee today, don’t rush it – sit, sip and contemplate. Enjoy the moment, look around and take in your surroundings, sip your coffee slowly and taste every mouthful.

Available on: Kickstarter