E-book readers like Kindle definitely have a charm of their own. You can download and read loads of books and carry it with you wherever you go. But many times we’re left wishing they could do just a little more! And if you’re on the search for such a device then take a look at Amazon’s very own Fire HD 8 tablet that even lets you use Alexa!

Who should buy it?

  • If you’re a book lover but want more from your device than simply using it for reading e-books then the Fire HD 8 is everything you need.
  • Those who frequently use Amazon services like Amazon Prime can have all their apps in one place.
  • Parents looking to buy a tablet for their kids which can be used for playing games, reading books and listening to music should definitely give the Fire HD 8 a look.

What’s so great about it?

Incredible Build and Design:

Long hours of reading books and watching movies just got way more comfortable thanks to the Fire HD 8’s amazing IPS display of 1280 x 800 with crisp and clear contrast and colors. And speaking of long hours the battery life too is impressive and runs for 12 hours.

But apart from its compact and sleek design, the tablet itself is extremely durable! Carry it with you wherever you go without having to worry about it being too delicate because it certainly isn’t.


Kindle e-books:

Integrated with Goodreads, the Fire HD 8 is a smooth experience for all those who love reading e-books. You can easily download all your favorite books on the go and read them anytime. Be it in the form of audio books or reading them as they are, book-lovers won’t be disappointed with the amazing features packed into this tablet.

Dolby Stereo Speakers:

After listening to the sound quality you’ll agree that that tablet is worth a steal at its price of $80. And if you’ve subscribed to Amazon Pr Music What’s really impressive about this tablet is that for $80 you get amazing sound quality, and make it worth, better than Fire 7

Several colors:

One of the most attractive features that draw people to choose this tablet over any other would be the fact that it comes in a variety of colors. You can choose to go with the classic black OR get funky with colors like Canary Yellow, Maine Blue, and Punch Red.

Our verdict,

Though you could buy its predecessor Amazon Fire 7 available for $50, it’s worth spending the extra $30 for a better experience. In fact, The Fire HD 8 has almost all of the features of the Fire HD 10 and runs on the Fire OS, which is modified version of Android. So unless you’re really going to miss the Play Store that comes with other Android tablets, this is the best tablet you’re going to find at this price!

Buy the Fire HD 8  for $80 on Amazon 

Credits: Amazon customer reviews, ebay.com, amazon.com