Whether you’re a man or a woman, wearing a decent travel jacket is always a good idea when you’re taking a long journey.

You may have the most beautifully tailored wardrobe in town, full of superb outfits perfect for days in, nights out, formal and informal, but one thing the majority of clothes won’t be great for is traveling.

But what defines a travel jacket? How does one tend to differ from other jackets? So, here we have the answers to your questions.

Meet the world’s best travel jacket- BauBax

This travel jacket looks like an ordinary jacket, but it’s packed with a lot of impressive features. The BauBax travel jacket has a built-in neck pillow, eye mask, iPod pocket, sunglasses pocket, earphone holders, drink pocket, a passport holder, blanket holder etc.

Both for men & women with different styles

The jacket is available for both men and women and comes in four different styles i.e. sweatshirt, bomber, windbreaker and blazer type.

Let’s take a look at its amazing features:

Neck Pillow:

It has built-in Inflatable Neck Pillow that easily hides inside the hood of the jacket. The innovative valve technology in this allows 2 Second Inflation.

Eye mask:

The jacket has an eye mask when you need it. Travel eye mask built inside the hood.


It has built-in gloves that easily slide in and out of the sleeves, to keep you warm and cozy when you’re on the go.

Earphone holders:

Have earphone holders that always keep your earphones untangled and ready for instant use.

Blanket pocket:

All BauBax jackets come with a pocket to carry the proprietary BauBax Blanket that’ll keep you warm and cozy when you’re traveling.

Koozie drink pocket:

Now you don’t have to fumble with your Drink and your Laptop on a plane table tray. With our insulated neoprene Koozie Drink Pocket, keep your hot drinks warm, cold drinks cool, and your hands free for work.

Zipper = telescoping pen:

Your zipper is now smart, useful, and social. It’s a 1-inch pen that extends to 4 inches – a great way of making new friends.

iPad pocket:

A 10-inch pocket to carry an iPad or any full-size tablet to free up space in your carry-on or purse and for more convenient plane boarding.

Zipper = Stylus:

The bottom of the telescoping pen has a soft tip Stylus to ensure you always have a Stylus handy.

Smartphone pocket:

It has easily accessible Smartphone pocket that offers a seamless connection to your earphones.

Sunglass pocket:

Have accessible sunglass holder in a pocket to keep your sunglasses safe and handy.

Passport pocket:

Passport size chest pocket designed for quick access to boarding pass and ID while traveling.

Microfiber cloth:

Built-in Microfiber cloth for cleaning sunglass lenses.

Hand-warming pockets:

Multi-layered hand warming pockets for extra warmth.

Detachable pillow:

All 4 BauBax Jackets come with a detachable pillow – You would agree that your sleeping postures are different on airplane’s Aisle seats vs. Window seats (because of the wall support). Hence, a detachable pillow that is used for different sleeping postures while traveling.

Supreme quality fabric:

We have identified and secured the best quality fabric manufacturers who are suppliers to the world’s top apparel brands.

Price: $179.99

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