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Selfie sticks have definitely proved to be one of the most needed gadgets for anyone who are fond of taking pictures. These small, light weighted phone accessories are very handy when it comes to taking a self-picture or a group picture without missing anyone. Be it while you are diving under water, or while you are paragliding on the air, you would of course not want to miss that precious moment.

When it comes to buying a selfie stick, they come with different prices and features. However, the ‘Best Seller’ on Amazon is Mpow Selfie Stick. Here we reflect on the features of the product.

“Even I could make it work and I took the nicest picture of myself in fifty years.” This is the review from Norel Pride, a verified customer of the product whose review has been liked the most.

This is one of the least priced selfie stick on the Amazon, yet it is the best seller and has 4.3 rating from 8,010 reviews.

The product comes in a very small packaging box, without anything that is very special except for a contracted monopod, a charging cable and a manual. Customers find the setup of the product very easy. The spring loaded clamps can be extended from 60 mm to 80 mm. The rubber clip at both ends of the clamp make sure that there will be no scratches on the phone. You can swing the clamp 270 degrees to adjust your phone according to your need.

On the handle, the grip is very firm to make the stick very secured while the wrist strap is adjustable. At the handle where your thumb usually lies, there is a multi-function button to turn the Bluetooth on/off and click to take pictures or videos.

Customers believe the product to be of high quality, durable and easy to operate. They believe it is “Simple, effective and inexpensive. Perfect!”

What is really liked about this product is that it actually takes the shakes out from the pictures. Of course all phones don’t come with the stabilization mode. For those phones, this selfie stick provides a perfect grip to take photos and videos without any shakes.

Also, the remote control device gets charged quickly. Even while charging with a laptop, it gets fully charged in just 15 minutes. This can make sure that you do not run out of battery whenever you want to that that perfect picture.

Some of the features are:

  • 270-degree adjustable rotation
  • Light and compact
  • Up to 8.5 cm long phone holder
  • Up to 81 cm long stick
  • Built-in Bluetooth remote control
  • Bluetooth pair with all except Pixel 2/2 XL

Therefore, if you are looking for a very durable yet inexpensive selfie stick that assures great snaps, you should definitely go ahead with Mpow.

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