Imagine playing counter strike hands-free without touching the mouse or joystick and just with the motion of your hands. Doesn’t that give a feeling of satisfaction to do all the action with the motion of your hands? We think that this may be impossible. But, guys this is true.Now you can control all your gaming moods with just the motion of your hands as if you are on the battleground and exploring all the adventures.

Controlling all the electric devices handsfree is an innovative and challenging task but Myo armband has made this possible.

What is Myo armband?

It’s a gesture and motion control wearable technology which helps you control your devices and gives you the touch and feel of the real world. There is a sensor present in the armband which receives and recognizes the arm and finger signals and performs the action the related to the same.It has over 100 applications like controlling music, presentations, gaming, TV etc. In myo gesture control armband you can develop your own configurations and the APK and SDI are open sources available. Myo bracelet is developed by  Waterloo, Ontario’s Thalmic Labs with a vision to help people control the devices without too much effort.

The Kit contains:

  • The MYO gesture control armband
  • Standard Micro-USB Cable
  •  Bluetooth Adapter for Mac and Windows PC Connection
  • Myo Sizing Clips

Why Myo armband?

Though it is still prime and needs corrections it is the future of technology where you have the control of your devices with just your hand movements.

  1. Gamers get excited as you can control all the boring mouse actions with the motions of your hands.Imagine hitting all the opponents of a counter strike like you are really holding the gun in your hand and you give the best headshot and the opponent is killed.
  2. Controlling the whole event and presentations where you don’t need to hold a remote and then slide through the presentations and you have your hands free to explain things to the audience.
  3.  Love playing Drones, now you can handle the drone just with the gestures of your hands.
  4. Watch Netflix at your comfort where with the help of Myo band you don’t need to keep a track of where your remote is and you can scroll through the channels with just a movement of your finger.
  5. Myo gesture control armband can be used to control the prosthetic arm and help the people feel that they are no less than normal people.

How does it work?

The Myo armband uses proprietary EMG sensors to measure the electrical activity of your muscle to detect five gestures made by your hands.It senses the rotation and motion of your arm too by using 9 axis IMU.The Myo armband uses Bluetooth technology to transmit the actions and motions to the compatible electric devices. It streams the raw EMG and IMU data for developers to utilize their projects.

Our Verdict

Myo Armband – a gadget that helps you handle all your devices hands-free is a must have in today’s busy world where you require to match up to the fast world and realize how important technology play a part in making your life easy and awesome. You should surely get one for yourself as it will revolutionize the way you live.Get this happening gadget on Amazon at $199.99.

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