Cooking can be a complicated process, which explains why so many people opt for take-out rather than cooking for themselves. But getting delivery night after night can wreak havoc on not only your wallet but also your health and wellness. Luckily, owners of Alexa-enabled devices have a shortcut in the kitchen.

The Amazon Echo has become almost synonymous with kitchen tech – with the grocery list assistance and Amazon Prime ordering capabilities, early adopters of the voice assistant Bluetooth speaker set Echo right on their countertops. Amazon has done a nice job making sure that the Echo’s open API means just about anyone can develop a third-party skill for the device. So far that’s led to thousands of skills, with varying degrees of usefulness. Here are some awesome ways you can use Alexa while you’re cooking!

Search for Instant Pot recipes

If you’re obsessed with this all-in-one pressure cooker, you definitely need to enable the Instant Pot Alexa skill. Once you install this skill, you’ll be able to search for pressure cooker recipes— by just say, “Alexa, ask Instant Pot for an easy Italian recipe with chicken.”

When you find a recipe, Alexa will walk you through the steps, helping you prepare an amazing meal in no time.

Create a grocery list

While creating a shopping list on Alexa doesn’t require the activation of a new skill, it’s still pretty darn useful. For example, you’re rummaging through the kitchen and realize you’re out of cilantro. Your hands are dirty so you can’t write it down, but you’re afraid you’ll forget if you don’t. Instead, just say aloud, “Alexa, add cilantro to my shopping list.” Then, when you’re at the grocery store, simply check the Alexa app on your smartphone to see what ingredients you need to pick up this week.

Control smart kitchen appliances

If you’ve been building up a smart home for yourself, then you have a few smart appliances in your kitchen. Many of these smart gadgets are compatible with Alexa, so you can use voice commands to control your KRUPS F203 Coffee & Spice maker.

Seriously, how amazing would it be to just say “Alexa, start brewing my favourite coffee,” and have a fresh pot in minutes? It’s like having your own personal barista!

Convert measurements

The not-mathematically-challenged voice assistant will give you any conversion you want. Whether you need to convert tablespoons to millilitres, gallons to teaspoons, or ounces to some other measurement you forgot the conversions for, Alexa is there to provide a quick answer.

Monitor your Calories

If you really want to know, how many calories are in your meal, Alexa can help you out.

You can even take it a step further and track your calories with the Track by Nutritionix skill. You have to have a Nutritionix account to use this feature, but once you do, you can simply tell Alexa to add foods to your log.

So there you have it – a list of the most helpful Alexa kitchen & food skills. Now, use your Alexa to become a better chef!!

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