Have you joined the tendency like many others who are changing their place into a “smart home?” This means a home that is facilitated by electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by a computer or phone.
Amazon is giving its voice-enabled Echo speaker a touch screen and free audio-calling capabilities as it competes with Google’s efforts at bringing “smarts” to the home. The Echo Spot is the member of the echo tech firm’s family of devices and is as usual powered by virtual assistant Alexa.

The Echo Spot has a series of clock faces available hinting at the device’s premier use case – as an Alexa powered alarm clock for your bedside table or somewhere else in the home. It has such sophisticated microphones it can hear people talking from across the room, even if the music is playing. However, there remain privacy concerns over using such a device in the home, as Amazon devices have previously been activated when they’re not wanted – meaning this small device could turn into a potential spy.

What is the size of the Echo Spot?

Echo spot sports a very compact design and measures only at 4.1 x 3.8 x 3.6 inches or 104 x 97 x 91 mm. It is also very light and weighs only 14.8 oz or 419 grams.

What are the materials used in the Echo Spot?

The Echo Spot sports a metal body with a glass front panel. The front glass panel houses a 2.5 inch round touchscreen display that enables the speaker to supplement voice responses with visuals and other information, displays similar to the Echo-like features on the Fire tablets and Fire TV streaming devices.

How can I connect my speakers with it?

You can either use the built-in 3.5 mm headphone jack or you can connect them wirelessly using Bluetooth.

What Colors do I get to choose from?

The Echo Spot comes only in two colors; Black and White.

Amazon Echo Spot price

The Echo Spot might be the cheapest of the bunch, it’s not also the costliest and will cost you $129.99.The market for voice-assisted speakers is small, but growing. The research firm eMarketer expects usage of such speakers to more than double this year. Echo Spot has all gained the ability to place audio calls to numbers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico for free.

All Echo devices can respond to voice requests for weather, news, music, and other tasks. The original device, simply called Echo, is currently available at $99.99.

“The Future of the Echo”

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Credits: Amazon, youtube.com.