When you are in the creative industry you have to deal with colors the most that, when color sensors come in to play. Getting the best color combination that would suit the mood of the place is really important. Being an interior designer, architect, fashion designer, digital person etc you need to have a good knowledge of the color palette and get the best vibrant colors on your landscapes.

When you have to deal with so many colors carrying tote bags to every workplace just to show up your ideas and what you think will look good is more important.  Color Sensors make it easy for you to choose between the colors and their better combinations. Nix Mini Color Sensor removes the guesswork from the equation and lets you match colors in the world with extreme precision.

What is a Nix Color Sensor?

Place the sensor on a surface whose color fantasizes you then scan it on the phone with an app, save it to your phone or tablet. Match it the existing color library of more than 31,000 brand name paint colors, as well as RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors.It is smaller than a ping-pong ball in size and thus you can carry it everywhere.

It’s capable of scanning on painted walls, vinyl, leather, plastic, fabric, dyes, and a host of other materials, and it can match to leading paint brands like Benjamin Moore, Dulux, Farrow and Ball, and Sherwin Williams.  It also allows you to locate the nearest paint store.

Who can use it?

  1.  As an architect, your rendering software and CAD software you need the color palettes and combinations for various constructions and traditional software don’t have so many options available, like in Nix Mini sensor.
  2. Interior designers tend to match different colors and antiques to make the place look beautiful and appealing and this device just gives more insights to the designer.
  3. Fashion designing is such an industry where colors play a major role to decide different patterns and what colors will go with them.
  4. Graphic Designers, gamers, painters also will get a little help with this sensor and get the best out of it.


It is Durable,hassle-free and portable.Its a solid state technology means it stays durable and the design is pretty elegant, you can carry it almost everywhere and get the color inspirations.Calibration cards are not needed if you have the sensor with you.

The room lighting doesn’t matter, the shape is made in such a way that it blocks out all the ambient light and gives perfect and accurate results. Also, the sensor placement is precise just because of the design of the sensor.


Getting a color sensor that can help you almost everytime, is portable also gives you the best results and is worth to buy. The most crucial and tedious job is to decide the color patterns and this color sensor makes it easier. Get this color sensor at just $99.00 on Amazon.