Wireless charging system has certainly gained hype for its convenience in powering up your mobile phones with ease. A concept that was only imaginable a decade ago, is now so convenient and simple that all you have to do is place your phone over a pad to charge. It has remained popular among the customers who are frequent travelers, use multiple phones and those who want to avoid the fuss of getting tangled in wire.

You can find different wireless chargers with unique features over the internet. In this article, we reflect on why you should buy CHGeek Wireless Charging Pad.

CHGeek Wireless Charging Pad comes with a 10W Fast Wireless Charging feature which is so effective that it charges twice as fast as other standard wireless charger. But, keep in mind that this feature is applicable only with Samsung Galaxy Note 8/Note 5/S8/S8 plus/S7/S7 edge/S6 edge/S6 edge+.

The fact that the charger lights blue when connected with the phone is something that customers appreciate about this product. Also, this charger is sleek and hence it is easy to carry as you can simply put this charger in even a small bag pocket.

There is a reason why customers have rated this product 4.2 from 35 reviews. It is super convenient to use as customers think that the phone gets easily connected with the charger when placed on the pad.

Though customers have some concerns regarding the absence of wall block, they believe that the packaging of the product was super fine.

Some of the features are:

  • Fast wireless charger: Charges twice as fast compared to other chargers. However, this feature is not compatible in all devices.
  • Convenient to use: Simply place your phone on the top of the charging pad to charge.
  • Compatibility: This charger is compatible with all Qi-Enabled devices.
  • Elegant design: The charge is sleek and light to use. Also, the rubber mats on the pad ensure that your phone doesn’t slip while charging.
  • Safe to use: The integrated smart chip restricts the phone from overheating, overvoltage and short circuit.

With these assurance and exciting features of CHGeek Wireless Charging Pad, you will surely enjoy the joy of not using cables for charging the phone. It would definitely feel good to experience phone charging without using any cables.

If you feel CHGeek is the right choice for you, you can buy it at a very reasonable price in Amazon.com

It costs $23.99 and is available in this link.