The racing cars are one game that everyone is fond of and loves playing. As a  child, you loved racing your toy car around the house. If you are a grown up and someone hands over the remote, the child in you come to life.  You feel happy to play and win the small car races. Awaken the gaming enthusiast within you with xDroid.

The dynamics of video game has now come into the real world. Introducing xDroid the first truly gamified remote control car. Imagine playing all the video games on roads for real. You dash other cars, win points, experiment with the cheats given. Fun!! isn’t it?

What does the box contain?

One or more 1:16 scale rough and tough remote controlled xDroids. The r/c car has a high-performance motor, 4 wheel drive, suspension system etc. Along with an iOS/Android app, and flat LED-festooned devices known as xPoints.

The app allows you to remotely control the car over Wi-Fi over a range of 80 meters. You can set the car in different modes via the app. In which the steering, top speed, acceleration and braking of the trucks are altered in specific ways. Some of the modes include stunt, drifting, and a demolition mode. in the demolition modes, players slam each other’s trucks in a specific location – an LED “life bar” on each xDroid shows how it’s faring.

The app allows five players to play and choose between different games available. Players do “capture the flag”, by being the first one to go over an xPoint that starts flashing. The xPoint gives awarding point, or improve recorded lap times.

xMiles are earned by winning a meter driven game or achievement. After you have won enough, you can use these points can redeem to unlock a new game or racing mode.

Let’s get to know what all xDroid offers you..

  • unlock new levels of the game or even make a career.
  • Play the default games and win exciting points
  • You can even develop a new game with all the cheats available and your knowledge of gaming.

Develop your own xDroid

The xcore helps you enhance your old car by replacing your receiver.

  • Connect your servo and ESCwith 3-pin connectors.
  • Attach LED bars to your housing
  • Calibrate the steering in the app.
  • Now you’re ready to play.

El Diablo, Shen Long or the Rolling Dead – what’s your favorite character?


The xDroids are designed to suit the environment of gaming. Designed by  Michael Hacker, the designs are inspired by urban graphics.

You can test the xDroid yourself by participating in the Maker Faire in San Mateo, Berlin, and Prague. Back this project and know more about it on Kickstarter. A minimum pledge of €129 (about US$152) will get you a truck and the app. No xPoints.

The planned retail price for that package is €199 ($235). You can get a set with two trucks and three xPoints for a pledge of €299 ($353) or €515 ($608) retail.