Choosing wireless speakers that are innovative and add fun can be a bit time-consuming. You need to study the special features and unique additions the brand has come up with.

Why choose wireless speakers? 

Wireless speakers are always better than the wired ones as they can be carried along anywhere and don’t always need a switch to connect. They better work with wireless technology so drooling over the wires is not a necessity.

Most of them offer Bluetooth connectivity with your devices so you can play your music directly.  Get instant music with these awesome wireless speaker.

Sony XB60 High Power Portable Speaker– $248.00

For all the party freaks this speaker is the best for you as it has loud noise along with being portable and easy to use. The extra bass plays the best beats for your parties. Even the low frequencies are enhanced so that you can clearly listen to the beats. Be happy that you can transport your personal speaker from party to party with the help of the convenient carry handle.

The speaker can be connected to the sony music app to choose songs and settings as per your requirements. The lights gloom up with the bass to create the party aura and we do love it. You can choose the color as you love either blue or black and get the party started.

Fireside Audiobox Interactive Fire Sound System– $ 549

This speaker lights up really with the flames while syncing with music. You get a real-time fire show automatically along with cool music and the fire waves vary depending upon the music and the tone. Now you can really bring your music to fire with the fireside audio box. Placed next to the volume adjustment knob there is a button seldom seen: flames.

The speaker has a contemporary industrial design using bamboo and industrial grade aluminum and it looks great in every ambiance with or without flames.

Anker Soundcore Motion Q Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker- $ 45.99

The waterproof speakers give a 360-degree audio with a powerful bass, you get an impressive listening experience no matter in which direction you stand. The compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, the durable casing stops water from getting into the internal components, even if you submerge it completely. The built-in microphone lets you use the smart assistant on your smartphones, such as Google Assistant or Siri.

Motion Q goes on with the flow, hang it on your wrist or hook it on your bag or bike.  You can take the music anywhere.