Rapid technological advancement has certainly brought the world at surprise. For instance, it is surprising how the mobile phones have evolved over the past 5 years. These advancements not only are innovative but also have made our life way easier.

One of the technological advancement that has certainly changed the way we enjoy music in our vehicle is Bluetooth FM Transmitter.

These transmitters allow us to create a bridge between our smart device and the FM tuner of the car. When the smart device is connected to the FM tuner via Bluetooth, one can simply play any songs from the smart device. Also, most of the transmitters are equipped with hands-free access to incoming and outgoing call, making the communication process even swifter. The product is mainly useful for people who own old car and don’t want to spend much money in revamping their audio system.

There are many Bluetooth FM Transmitters in the market. Here we will reflect upon the updated version of the widely used CHGeek Bluetooth FM Transmitter.

Features of CHGeek Bluetooth FM Transmitter:

Officially certified by CE, FCC and RoHS, the CHGeek Bluetooth FM Transmitter has rating of 4.2 from 46 reviews in Amazon.com. This rating clearly shows that the product has lived to a large extent to the expectation of the customers. The product is supplied with each unit of FM Transmitter Car Kit, Audio Cord, Replaceable Fuse and User Manual.

Compatibility: The transmitter is compatible with any smart device that is equipped with Bluetooth. Also, what makes this transmitter more unique is that it can even play music from SD Card up to 32 GB, without using Bluetooth. Some customers like the fact that they are able to play iHeart radio, Pandora and Amazon music through the Bluetooth.

Convenience: Customers are particularly satisfied with swift paring of the transmitter with the Bluetooth device.  One verified customer claims paring to be so quick that they went from plugging the device in for the first time to listening to podcast in less than a minute. Also, once paired, the device will always remain paired with the given smart device. With the built-in microphone, you can also connect to your phone calls while driving. The product is easy to setup. It is well built with a flexible metal neck that makes tilting the screen as per your convenience way easier.

Sound quality: The sound quality is superb, and its something that customers really like about this product. It supports A2DP and has a noise filter along with a voice prompt to give a crystal clear sound while listening to your music.

Usability: Customers appreciate the fact that the product can be used right away from the box. It doesn’t need to be charged as it takes power from the cigarette lighter and after picking up a radio station that is empty in that area. The product also has two USB chargers to charge your phone. The screen displays the voltage unit which has been an important feature specially when there is battery issue. The buttons on the device are big and hence easy to use. The 1.7-inch LCD screen display tells user the frequency, the current volume, information about the music being played and the battery voltage. If you want to switch to normal radio station you can simply press the  ▶ button for some time. This button also helps user to turn on and off the device.

CHGeek Bluetooth FM Transmitter can be bought here.