Our search for the best portable photo printer led us to a nifty little gadget that you’ve probably heard of and left you feeling curious.

Meet the HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer! It instantly prints your cherished moments and fits easily in any bag. But looks aren’t everything and apart from its sleek design, there’s much more to this printer!

Who should buy it?

-Perfect for those who love journaling and scrapbooking! The HP ZINK photo papers made for this printer have a sticky back which you can easily peel off and decorate your planners.

-Social media lovers who want to print their favorite moments can do so easily with the HP Sprocket App. All you need to do is connect your social media account to the app and print!

-Having a party or event? Set up this nifty little printer so everyone can print and take home their precious memories.

Easy Set Up

The set-up is pretty basic and as simple as it gets. Just download the HP Sprocket App, follow the instructions and connect to the portable printer via Bluetooth. Bonus- It’s compatible with iOS and Android both.

What’s even better? The app lets you edit your pictures and add borders, emojis, texts and many more fun things.

Picture Quality

For the size and price of this printer, the picture quality is indeed pretty incredible! Just make sure that the picture you’re printing has a good resolution, and you won’t be disappointed.

Many reviews have said that the pictures have much warmer tones than the original picture on your phone. However, you can correct this easily by brightening them and adjusting the contrast in the editor.

The print quality is what I would expect from a handheld printer. The colors show but they aren’t a perfect match. I’m not using this to print out professional quality prints, however, it’s fun for our family and kids

Should you buy it?

It’s safe to say you won’t find a better portable photo printer in this price range! The HP Sprocket is durable, easy to carry around and it’s 2×3″ pictures are ideal for printing snaps straight from the smartphone.

For $129 you can get the HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer from Amazon.

Credits: Amazon customer review, amazon.com