Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to charge your phone or car appliance at any corner of your car? Wouldn’t it be splendid to let your children charge their phone or tablets from the back seat of your car? Well, the CHGeek Cigarette Lighter Extended Cable does all for you. At a very minimal price of only $12.99, this cable serves for multi-functional purpose; be it Car Appliances like cleaner, pump, charger, inverter, heated blankets, lights, fan, warmer etc. or Cooking Appliances like cooler boxes, coffee maker, rice cooker. With a cable that is 12 ft long, you wouldn’t have to worry about running short of the length.

Product Specification:

Length: The length of the cable is 12 ft or 3.5 m long

Connection: The male plug can be connected to 12/24 V sockets while the female plug can be connected to your cooking or car appliances

Safety: To ensure safety at optimum level, the cable is equipped with 15A fuse on the male plug that protects from overcurrent and short circuits. At the same time, the attached weatherproof cover protects the female socket against raindrops and dusts.

Quality: The cable as well as the connecters are of high quality making sure that it remains intact at both ends. Also, the cable is made of high-conductivity 17AWG gauge copper wire for more convenient usage. Built with double PVC, the cable had bend lifespan up to 4000+ times.

Compatibility: Items that require longer cables are easily charged with this extended cable. Be it your refrigerator or brake buddy, the extended cable meets requirements for your vehicle.

Convenient: The extended cable is long enough to reach any corner of your car. And it glows with LED indication so show that the power is being supplied in the male plug.

Customer’s say:

This product is highly rated at 4.9 star from 11 reviews it has had so far. With 91% customers believing this product to be a 5-star item, it clearly shows how well made the CHGeek product is. Some of the verified customer’s views are:

  • This is a very durable and has a perfect length. I don’t have to fight with my kids sitting in the back seat over who uses the phone charger. I am not worried that the cable will get damaged even when my kids step on it as it is very durable.
  • The CHGeek extended cable is nice for kiddos to use in the backseat. It is small enough to put in the middle console and can be used for anything that can be plugged in to the cigarette lighter.
  • It has made easy for me to use my car vacuum in the rear because the cord I had earlier wasn’t long enough to reach to the back of the car.
  • The makers of this charger made a great thing out of an easy concept. Thank you!!
  • This is a good buy. The wire is of a good quality. And it extends all the way to the outside of my car.
  • Great shopping experience. Works perfect for my car compressor.

Therefore, if you want to feel the easiness of having power cable all the way to the back of your car, or use any appliances compatible with cigarette lighter plug, the CHGeek would definitely be one of the best choices. The perfect customers review is already an assurance for the high quality of the product.

CHGeek Cigarette Lighter Extended Cable can be bought here.