The concept of wireless charging has been gaining quite a lot popularity in the recent period simply because of ability to charge a smartphone without using bulky chords and cables. Many of us have already felt the distress of tangled wires or the fuss of finding the charging cables. To minimize these stress, wireless charging offers absolutely convenient and handy way to recharge your phone. Just place the phone on top of the charger and your phone is fully powered. Simple as that!

While most of the wireless chargers are considered to be a luxury item that cost a lot, the RAVPower Qi Wireless Charger gives you all the wireless charging features at a minimal price of only $14.99.

RAVPower Qi Wireless Charger is compatible with almost all wireless charging featured phones including the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 8, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 and Note8 at a very reasonable price.

RAVPower Qi Wireless Charger is perfect for:

Travelers: This charger is perfect for frequent travelers who would not have access to the charging ports while travelling. They can simply place their phone on top of RAVPower eliminating the need of charging cables.

Multiple phone users: Since different phones have their unique charging cables, this charger is very convenient to those users who carry multiple phones. It is easy to set up and once one phone is powered, you can simply place another on top of the charger.

Users looking for inexpensive chargers: Users who are looking to charge their phone without the hassle of wires and yet under a budget amount should go with this one. At $14.99 this device delivers same output as the expensive ones in the market.

Restaurants or Airports: A wireless charging station in any restaurants or airports would minimize the hassle for user of finding the right port for their phone.

Why RAVPower Qi Wireless Charger:

  • Universal Wireless Charger: You can charge any device that is a Qi receiver with this charger
  • Safe charging: The product is fully protected with overcharge, overcurrent and high temperature
  • Lightweight: Weighing only 2.4oz, the product is compact with an anti-slip rubber pad making it more stable
  • Inexpensive: RAVPower Qi is as effective as other chargers in the market and available at a very low price
  • Easy to carry: The product is small and very convenient to carry as one can simply put the device into their bag and charge their phone whenever needed at a go.
  • Multi color indication: The product is equipped with multi-color lights to indicate the current battery status.
  • Quick charging: Standard charging time is 4.5 hours while fast charging time is 2.95 hours.


Final thoughts:

Eliminating the burdensome process of plugging and unplugging smartphone as well as busting cables, the wireless charging system is something that one should definitely get the feel of. With a high quality output at a very minimal price, RAVPower Qi Wireless Charger is unquestionably one of the best in the market.

The superb build quality, decent charging time and excellent safety features, this product stands out amongst all. In addition to the quality, the rubber grip eliminates the risk of your phone dropping from the pad.

With these impeccable features, we can certainly assure that this product is the best value for money.

RAVPower Qi can be found here.