If you love Alexa than surely you’re gonna love Temi as its just a movable version of Amazon’s echo show. Imagine a moveable electronic buddy in your house which now obeys all your instructions and helps you do half of your chores hands-free


It’s such a great help to have Temi around as it is 24/7 with you and easies all your tasks. When Temi was designed it was kept in mind as to not design it as a robot but as a Tablet on wheels which follows you everywhere around. Temi roams around the house using the same path planning tech Roboteam built for Air Force, uses facial recognition to track and identify you, and Google assistants functionality by plugging into Google Artificial Intelligence.  While you amble around the house it also gives you handsfree access to watch TV, listen to music or video chat. Thus you have the whole technology revolving around you. It was previously designed to video chat and listen to music but as the prototype started nearing completion many other features were added which added value to the product and made it better beyond expectations.

Its cool to have your own personal robot as pictured in all the futuristic adventure movies where your personal robot is your assistant and guides you through all the logical decisions too. Movies show certain things beyond reality but that’s ok to always have a room for improvement.

The main objective of Temi Personal Robot is to make life easier. Given that we spend so much time on smartphones in today’s day and age, the Temi Personal Robot lets you disengage from staring at your small screen the whole time and brings in all the functionality you could possibly crave and makes doing day to day tasks that much easier.

Interactions are important:

Interactions make Temi learn new skills and help you access the full power of the robot. It basically uses SLAM-simultaneous Localization and mapping, where like our mind the robot also starts to create maps when it enters a totally new arena.


It is 3 feet tall and rolls on wheels which makes its mobility easier. It has a 10-inch tablet for a head and a thin, curved body on top of a base that looks like an industrial vacuum. Its charging can last for eight hours on the battery power and can connect to WiFi, LTE, and Bluetooth. It doesn’t have a look like humanoid robot its basically a portable standing desk robot.

Knowing all the functionalities and features I am sure you are tempted to get a personal robot for your house and what else do you need if everything has been taken care of by Temi. I guarantee that you will love to have Temi hovering around in the house like your school time buddy and the best part is it won’t leave you ever.

It’s unlikely to be cheap and surely not available on Amazon yet, but in order to beta test Temi in real-world environments, Roboteam is giving away a unit to 1,000 randomly chosen applicants for its Early Adopter Program for free – but only for one week.