Snapchat Spectacles V1 was a Big Flop

When Snapchat released its first pair of camera glasses in November of 2016, the hype level was off the charts. Users gather in Snapchat vending machines around the country to get their hands on a pair of the glasses that offered the hands-free way to keep their Snaps and Stories swinging. But the buzz around the glasses died in just six months. By the time they were available to buy online, the user’s craze had died, and it became a big flop.

New launch Snapchat Spectacles V2. Made for Summer.

Now Snapshot just released version 2 of their spectacles camera sunglasses, with new features of taking photos and water resistance. The glasses became available in all three colors Snap offers, black, coral and teal, on Snap’s Spectacles website.

New version features with some major upgrade

  • Now Spectacles V2 are waterproof, they feature a slimmer frame & charging case, and also they can take photos in addition to videos.
  • Colors have also been enhanced, and the clumsy pairing procedure of the last version has been upgraded.
  • The glasses record from eye level and offer a unique outlook.
  • Have the capability of recording circular video i.e. similar to what the human eye captures.
  • The glasses allow the wearer to record for 10 to 30 seconds at a time to add to their Snap story or send to a friend.
  • The glasses sync over Wi-fi and then users can import the Snaps they took with the Spectacles to Snapchat or to another app.
  • The charging case can hold up to four charges and each charge allows users to take up to 100 Snaps at once to later import.
  • The glasses have a small camera on the front and lights that indicate when the glasses are recording.


For $149.99 users get the glasses that come with a 1-year warranty, as well as a charging case and cable, a cleaning cloth and a quick start guide to help them get Snapping.


The Spectacles are available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France started Thursday. They will be available in other countries throughout Europe after May 3.