A smile adds extra beauty and warmth to your face and especially when it is enhanced by a healthy and clean set of bright, white teeth. 

Every day, we all use our toothbrush to maintain oral hygiene. But do we clean our toothbrush every day? We might get surprised how dirty our toothbrush can get? So what are your options if a manual toothbrush is harmful? Dentists say an electric toothbrush is the best way to ensure the ultimate cleanliness of your teeth by ridding them of damaging plaque buildup.

Electric toothbrushes have various features. Some only have the basic rotating feature, while others have pressure sensors and timers also. But apart from the features, the most important thing is the bristles. They should be soft enough to not damage the gums or erode the tooth enamel. They should also be properly arranged for effective cleaning. There are special types that have been designed to reach difficult areas.

If you’re looking to buy an electric toothbrush, then this is the article you need to read. With so many different toothbrushes on the market today, it’s hard to know which product to choose. That’s where this article comes in.

Y-Brush Electric Toothbrush

Introducing the new Bass brushing method- Y-Brush. Y-Brush electric toothbrush comfortable design focuses on one half of your mouth at a time. The mouthpiece comes in 3 different sizes so that everyone in the family can get a better clean. With Nylon bristles, removes more plaque than any other material, to make sure your teeth get the best brushing experience possible. Also, with different sonic vibration settings, the electric toothbrush can handle sensitive mouths.


Efficient Brushing

Because of Nylon bristles, Y-brush cleans each of your teeth for 4 times longer than the recommended amount in 10 seconds.

Comfortable Design

First, choose the way you brush. The mouthpiece focuses on one side of your mouth at the time, making it small and comfortable. It will be available in 3 sizes. Easy to clean and easy to use, Y-Brush will have the whole family wanting to show off their grins.

Three Modes

There are three sonic modes for low, medium and high vibrations depending on your dental care needs. this electric toothbrush covered your teeth from sensitive gums to popcorn stuck from the movies.

Wireless Charging

Y-Brush’s battery holds a full month’s brushing in one charge.

Overall, it has proven that electric toothbrush benefits far outweigh those of manual toothbrushes. If you haven’t used or tried one, I’d suggest that you give it a try. It is an investment; however, it is well worth it when it comes to your mouth’s health.

If you want to buy Y-brush on Kickstarter now, it will be available after 3 weeks.

Clean Your Teeth With A New Level of Performance!!!